Our top-notch academics and extracurricular programmes prepare boys for admission to world-renowned colleges and universities in order to ultimately succeed in the competitive global marketplace.

Courses are led by dedicated and caring staff to ensure high-quality, well-rounded education for each of our boys.

Glenwood High School has traditionally encouraged a scientific bias in terms of the subjects that are offered at the school. Entry to the professions has always been a consideration at this school and in the Further Education and Training band, the School remains committed to this tradition. Academic study in the classic sense of the word includes the fields of learning such as the Humanities, the Sciences and the Arts. Access to tertiary study is, therefore, an important component when considering the learning areas that are offered by the School and the continuing strong scientific emphasis remains in place.

The approved subjects for the National Senior Certificate are grouped into two main categories: Group A and Group B. In general terms, a pupil must select four subjects: two official languages, Mathematics, and Life Orientation from Group A, and a minimum of any three subjects from Group B. Glenwood has adapted these requirements to suit the school’s recognised scientific bias as well as to ensure the boys continue to strive for excellence.