Accounting is a subject that will benefit boys no matter which field of study or career path they decide to follow. Some knowledge of financial matters is always useful, even if this is only used for personal financial affairs.

In the past, it would have been more appropriate to call the subject Bookkeeping as this was the main focus of the subject. Much has changed in recent years, however, particularly with the introduction of FET. The main focus now is the analysis and interpretation of financial information as well as problem-solving. The record-keeping does, however, still form part of the subject as a basic knowledge of this is necessary.

In terms of requirements for your son to take Accounting – there are no minimum requirements, but if your son is good with numbers, has a logical and analytical mind, he will cope better. It must also be remembered that Accounting does not involve regurgitation of facts. Instead, it is important that boys understand the concepts. If this is the case, it is possible for the boy to achieve very good marks in the subject.

It is true that it is not essential to take Accounting at school if wanting to pursue the subject at tertiary level, but studies have proved that the pass rate for Accounting is higher and the drop-out rate lower if the subject is taken at school.