Advanced Academic Academy

The aims and objectives of the ELITE Academy are as follows:-

Programmed Aims:

  • To identify and recruit the most talented boys, within the school of the Centre of Excellence.
  • To provide quality education and welfare at all age groups, and at all levels.
  • To enhance academic development and Sporting development, incorporating the principles of holistic development.
  • To provide individuals with both technical, physiological, psychological and social knowledge to achieve their full potential
  • To be advocates for academic and sporting excellence.
  • To obtain national and international Sporting excellence
  • To have boys represent our national teams in the various codes offered.

ELITE ACADEMY as a “Centre of Excellence” Objectives:   

  • To develop boys to a standard consistent with the highest levels in academics and sport.
  • To establish links between Tertiary education and the ELITE ACADEMY.
  • To establish a challenging and structured academic programme, incorporating various skills for holistic development and sporting performance, which is to be followed by all Facilitators and coaches?
  • To provide a suitable academic programme for all age groups to develop at their own learning level to move boys from Excellence to Influence.

The ELITE ACADEMY centre will provide the most up to date, comprehensive and high quality training for those wishing to break into the Academic and Sporting Arena. The benefits include:

  • Daily individual Training and development by Qualified Facilitators and Coaches
  • Organized Programmers and excursions that would enhance development.
  • Nationally and internationally recognized qualifications that can lead directly to entrance into further study on University degree programmers and qualify boys for scholarships and bursaries.

ELITE ACADEMY is designed for motivated and academically talented boys whose needs are not met in the traditional high school setting. The school is a magnet school. The student selection is based solely on the order of application among who meet the basic requirements for admission, above average intelligence, high EQ and self discipline.

The programmed will be supported by parents and the community itself on its family-like environment. This environment affords the opportunity for individual tutoring, counseling, and mentoring by coaches and staff. The environment provides a uniquely supportive transition between secondary and post-secondary education.

Our High performance Sporting programmed facilitates for young sportsmen to define their abilities in a more structure schedule to achieve their maximum potential in their code of sport. Well trained facilitators and coaches form the base for the sporting excellence programmed to ensure that the boys are meeting goal, obtaining target levels and ultimately the projected results.

One of the aims of the sporting programmed is to develop sportsmen for national and international level. Our performance schedule ensures that the level of training and all areas around this achievement is of a high international standard. This has leaded us to open the programmed to international students who are able to board at our boarding establishment and participate in the Elite programmed.

The Elite programmed contains the following sessions:

  1. Induction programmed
  2. Pro athletes Training Course
  3. Life Skills Programmed
  4. Media & public speaking programmers
  5. Individual training sessions ( Morning and afternoon Sessions)
  6. Conditioning sessions & BMI Assessments
  7. Nutrition programmers
  8. Psychological Evaluations
  9. Skills development Training Programs
  10. Individual academic scheduling
  11. Specialized Facilitation
  12. Time Management and Goal setting programs

Results for the inception of the programmed have been phenomenal:


2013 2014
1 RUGBY 16
2 CRICKET 11 12
3 HOCKEY 25 10
4 SOCCER 1 7
6 TENNIS 3 4
76 40


2013 2014
3 HOCKEY 4 5
6 TENNIS 2 1
11 12

Our academic program is tailored around the needs of the boys designed to meet the requirements of their sporting programme .The holistic development programme adopted in the academic component allows the boys to push hard on the field and a balance in the academic classroom. The academic programme is formally structured on the individual needs of each boy and is an adaptable programme .This allows the boys to be able to attend tournaments and championships nationally and internationally to further their rankings and gain the experience of participating in the international arena.Whilst still being able to balance an academic programme and obtain the necessary academic performance levels at each grade.This enable the boys the assurance that will be able to obtain their Academic Grade 12 certificate which allows access to university.


Our greatest hinderance from achieving higher levels is funding. Although Glenwood provides bursaries , we are limited to budget funding.As a result we are only able to fund a limited number of boys.Parental financial support give boys who come from advantage homes to participate in the Elite programme.The disappointment is that there are many boys who do not have this opportunity due to the Financial constraints in their homes.Boys who have displayed great talent and ability in their codes of sport. These boys have the potential to achieve at KZN and SA representative levels but lack the funding to take them to next level through the Elite programme at Glenwood’ Elite academy
Funding will allow the boys from disadvantage backgrounds the opportunity to reach their maximum potential in their code of sport.