Business Studies

Business Studies is a dynamic subject. It is a subject that can benefit the boys personally when they leave school, irrespective of the career path they choose to follow.

Business Studies focuses on theory work and case studies whereby boys need to apply what they have learnt. The subject includes a few calculations e.g. production costs, calculation of interest on investments, insurance premiums and underinsurance.

Business Studies keeps the boys updated on local, national and international news, especially regarding our economy. The boys look forward to our daily newspaper readings and often arrive at the lessons with their own researched contributions.

The syllabus is made up of 4 learning areas: LO1 – Business Environments, LO2 – Business Ventures, LO3 – Business Roles and LO4 – Business Operations.

Under each LO we have assessment standards; a few topics include: current labour legislation and how it affects small and large business operations, corporate social responsibility, business environments and how they relate to the business sectors, entrepreneurship, human rights, inclusivity and environmental issues, insurance, assurance and investment opportunities, ethical business behaviour, etc.

The boys will emerge at the end of the course with a useful understanding of the functioning of the business world. This particular course of study is very supportive of the entrepreneurial spirit that is in great demand in our country at present.

Career prospects are unlimited and good results in this subject will stand them in good stead for entrance into most tertiary faculties.