Engineering Graphics & Design

Engineering Graphics and Design provides learners with the background to succeeding in high profile careers such as Architecture, Engineering, Quantity Surveying, Graphic Design and much more.

Glenwood prides itself with one of the leading Engineering Graphics and Design departments in the country, and has produced top results amongst traditional boys’ schools in the province for the past decade.

On average, approximately 40% of the learners taking EGD obtain an A symbol in this subject. Furthermore, in excess of 80% of the learners achieve a mark greater than 60% for EGD for the year. A high percentage of the DUX’s in the past years took EGD as one of their choice subjects.

Glenwood also has a very well equipped “CAD-lab” where learners have the opportunity to learn and practise drawing with programs such as Autocad and Revit, amongst others. This gives our learners the edge over other students as they have the fundamentals in this regard even before they go into university. This lab also contains a 3D printer, from which models can be printed and assembled to enable learners to better understand and visualise certain concepts.

With future plans to develop the learning program as well as further develop the learning space, Engineering Graphics and Design learners involved in this subject, will certainly have a platform to flourish in the market place.