Engineering Graphics & Design

Glenwood High School would be failing in its duty if it did not provide the facilities to make its pupils aware of, and prepared for, the technological demands of the present and the future by offering the necessary initial preparation for fields of study such as Engineering, Architecture and other courses. The inclusion of this subject in the school curriculum is not aimed at vocational training in the narrow sense of the term, as it gives the pupils a better understanding of industry for later life by providing them with a foundation on which specialised technical training can take place at a later stage.

It may be argued that Engineering Graphics and Design as a school subject is not necessary for pupils who intend making careers in the fields of Engineering, Building and Architecture. It has been found, however, that at University many students coming from schools where this subject is not offered at all or is poorly taught simply cannot cope with the drawing component of the course, or find it necessary to devote extra time to this – time which could have been spent in the study of Mathematics and Physics, etc. A strong Mathematical understanding is very important in this field.

The important factor for GRDS is to be able to think in three dimensions and, if the pupil has the flair for originality in design and good practical aptitude, he will find no difficulty in making a success of his studies.
Career prospects include all areas of various Engineering fields, Architecture, Design Technology and Teaching.

N.B. Please refer to the bold note on Page 1 of this booklet.