Geography is the study of man and his environment, with particular emphasis being given to the relationship between the two. The subject is divided into two broad categories – Human Geography and Physical Geography. It thus covers a particularly wide range of topics and, as such, is ideal for inclusion in the curriculum for most High School pupils.

Human Geography covers such aspects as Population and Settlement Geography, while Physical Geography focuses on Climatology, Geomorphology and Oceanography. Regional Geography is also studied (although with less emphasis than was the case in the past) and presents an ideal opportunity to combine the physical and human aspects of Geography.

The subject amounts to more than the mere learning and retention of facts. Today, High School Geography is designed to develop in pupils a much wider range of more stimulating skills, such as the interpretation of maps, diagrams and statistics, and the application of geographical concepts – concepts which are very relevant to the pupils’ own experience. Geography may be continued at University and has direct application in a number of vocational fields, e.g. Meteorology, Geology, Town Planning and Teaching.