Mathematics is a subject that develops the brain and pushes the boundaries. It is a subject that possesses not only truth but supreme beauty.


Mathematics has a reputation for being a boring, tedious and hopeless subject. The truth is that mathematics is so much more than complex equations.

Through this subject, we build and improve the world around us, discovering innovations and designs along the way that create a more technologically advanced society. Mathematics is an essential skill in life, more so than any other subject, as it is a language that crosses borders and oceans, allowing the greatest minds in our times to work together without having to say a single word.

Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations or algorithms; it is about understanding. – Paul Halmos.

We could write in detail about our consistently good results and pass rates. We could describe the numerous achievements we have won over the years. We could go on and on about how mathematics is used in the world and why it is important to society. However, mathematics at Glenwood is about more than just statistics. It is more than just sitting and working in a classroom.

We encourage our students to use what they learn in the classroom in more fun and interesting ways. We want students to see that the work they learn about every day can be used by them now and not just six years in the future.


We are part of the annual AMESA Mathematics contests, where students design posters and presentations around areas in Mathematics and compete with other schools around KZN for the top prizes. Our students from Form II – V take part every year and we always walk away with prizes for each Form.

We take part in numerous Olympiads and Quizzes throughout the year, allowing the students to use their knowledge and understanding to solve problems in various contexts. We consistently perform well and have had many of the top achievers every year placing in the top 3 of their category.

We acknowledge that the technology is the way of the future for education, and while we don’t forget our roots, we make use of numerous Mathematics Programs that can be accessed at school or home to let students practice and polish their skills. Our classrooms are equipped with SMART boards and MIMIOboards, allowing educators to teach in interesting and dynamic ways.


Our senior students take an active role in mentoring the juniors, by giving up their breaks and after school hours to tutor those students who are struggling with the work or to advance those students who devour the syllabus at a faster pace than those around them.
We have students from Forms III-VI taking part in the Advanced Program Mathematics course, which introduces them to tertiary level work at an earlier stage. In this program, it is not your age, but your talent that we look at. It is not uncommon to see a Form III student helping a Form V student with a complex problem.

While we know that not every student is a budding mathematician, we want every student to feel involved and interested. We want every student to be exposed to the beauty that mathematics has.

All of these different facets of our Mathematics Program do not detract from our regular teaching methodology. We have a core body of mathematics educators who are dedicated and committed, combining old-school teaching techniques with new-school technology to keep lessons interesting and educational.

We, as a department, believe that our subject is the most diverse and interesting of them all and we know that when your son attends Glenwood, he will agree with us. Join us at Glenwood and let us take you and your son on a journey through this fascinating subject and everything it has to offer.

Mathematics is not just a subject. It is a way of life.