The Glenwood High School Old Boys’ Association was formed in 1983 with Mr Geoff Oldfield being elected as the first Chairman. Although the Glenwood Old Boys Club catered for the needs of local sportsmen, a need arose for those old boys who were still interested in their alma mater but who did not wish to be a member of the Old Boys Club, for whatever reason.

The objectives for which the Association was established in 1983 are the following:

  • To promote good fellowship between past students of Glenwood High School and to promote and maintain a close relationship between the members of the Association, the teaching staff of the School both past and present, and the learners of the School.;
  • generally to further the interests of the School;
  • to be represented on the School’s Governing Body where required;
  • to make contributions to the Glenwood High School and Old Boys’ Memorial Trust;
  • generally to promote and encourage sporting, cultural or scholastic activities in any format the School;
  • to grant bursaries, scholarships or financial assistance for the education of scholars at the School if and when funds are available;
  • to collect, canvass for and to accept donations, bequests, endowments and benefits of any nature for the Association

The Ivan Clark Pavilion is open to all members of the Old Boys’ Association to watch the sporting events from the balcony.

The Association organizes the following functions annually:

  • The Old Boys Dinner (usually in May or June, depending on rugby fixtures);
  • Old Boys Luncheon on the Saturday following the dinner;
  • Remembrance Service at the Memorial Bell;
  • Old Boys vs School cricket and water polo games for the James Dwyer Memorial Cup;
  • Various year group functions in the Ivan Clark Pavilion when required;
  • Old Boys Get-togethers in major cities when the 1st XV go on tour

In addition, members on the mailing list receive regular news updates on social media:
Facebook: @glenwoodoldboys
Instagram: @glenwoodoldboys

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For more information on Old Boys contact:
(MRS) Lisa-Marie Shabangu
Tel: +27 031 205 524
Fax: +27 031 205 5838