All Publications

Below is a list of all the Glenwood High School media and publications

Weekly Bulletin

The weekly bulletin is published and circulated each Monday morning to every registration class where it is on display. It is a summary of the special events (sporting, cultural and academic) occurring during that week. It is also published on the school website and D6 Communicator.

Parents Assembly

The Parents Assembly is a compilation of all the information that was disseminated at assemblies throughout the Term. This document is sent to the parents with the reports.

It is also placed on the web page.


The Record

The Record is the official annual Yearbook of Glenwood High School, first published in 1934. It contains an accurate record of the achievements and photographs of the boys for that specific year. This publication used to be sold at the school annually.

As of September 2014, this is an online publication.

The Voice

The Voice is the Quarterly Magazine of Gibson House The magazine is written, produced and published by the boys themselves. This publication used to be distributed with reports to the parents.

As of September 2014, this is an online publication.