Gibson House

A Home away from home, if a home had 300 boys. Gibson House is a brotherhood, a place where boys are afforded every opportunity to take hold of their dreams within a framework of support from teachers, coaches, prefects, mentors and peers who offer both encouragement and competition to fuel and direct their path.

During the course of a year, each boy will have the space he needs to complete and pursue all academic endeavours. There are allocated times for preparation for School work and a computer room with appropriate internet access to allow for research and inspiration. The masters that reside in Gibson House all have areas of expertise that can be drawn upon by the boys and they are encouraged to do so.

Peppers and Pans, a catering company run by Wayne Usher (Old Boy 1982), provide wholesome and well-cooked meals daily and go out of their way to accommodate the multitude of requests that come in regarding meals for boys that don’t always fit into the normal timing of a school day. Gibson boys are well catered for and the strength that our sports teams show on the field is due much to their diet.

At the start of every term all the boys and Masters stay in over the weekend and take part in team building activities on a Sunday morning. These activities are great for creating memories and building of long-lasting friendships that will continue through High School and hopefully long after their schooling days are over. These bonds are then given a greater opportunity to grow as the individual grades also have a separate weekend to go out and have an adventure.

Gibson House creates a place for self-discipline, accountability and honesty to grow. Each boy is encouraged to take ownership of his life and take up the challenge of growing into a man of noble character and building onto the existing foundations of the school by bringing honour to it through his actions and deeds.

Staff Contact Details:

Gibson Front Office
Ms Vanessa Wilesmith
(031) 2055241 x 204

Gibson House Manager
Mr Ryan Yunnie
(031) 2055241 x 208

Gibson House Superintendent
Mr Morne Scott
(031) 2055241 x 219