Glenwood now has a fully functional second hand shop. The Hopper Shop is situated in Room 186 (McDonald Tower Top Floor).

The second-hand shop has a variety of uniform items in good condition available. Some of the items are: School pants, shirts, tracksuits, shorts, socks, pullovers, school bags, lunch boxes, T-shirts, vests, caps, rugby jerseys, speedos, cricket pants. At the moment the shop has about 100 good blazers available.

Learners donate their clothes when leaving the school or learners have outgrown their uniforms. Other learners have the opportunity to make use of this clothing by liaising with Mrs S de Beer. “Payment” is a voluntary donation.

Parents who wish to donate uniforms to the Hopper Shop please contact Mrs S de Beer on

The Hopper Shop will be open for parents and boys on Thursday 4 January and Friday 5 Jan 2018 from 09:00 – 13:00.