Date:  9th & 10 March 2018.

Before I report back on the camp, I have to compliment Rudi and all the instructors and staff of Spirit of Adventure for looking after the boys and Glenwood staff. They were phenomenal. Again I say thank you.

We arrived at the camp and were welcomed by the staff and instructors of Spirit of Adventure.

Rudi spoke to the boys and then split them into groups.

The first task was all about leadership and teamwork. However, some of the groups learned very quickly, that no matter how well you plan something, if you do not have everyone pulling in the same direction you will fail and not achieve your ultimate goal.

Low and behold several teams failed the first task.

But in the true Glenwood spirit, the boys pulled together and their accomplishments were really remarkable.

The obstacle course was the highlight for me on Day 1, when I saw true grit and determination, and most of all, team work. The boys demolished the obstacle course.

Friday evening after the night walk, the boys and I sat around the camp fire and reflected on the day’s activities. This was truly a great experience, as we all learned so much about each other.

Day 2 began early, and after breakfast the boys were again divided into their groups, and proceeded to do different tasks.

I proceeded directly to the dam wall, where after a lot of laughing, I witnessed many boys “digging deep”, in order to do the dam wall abseiling activity.

The fear that they had whilst hanging in mid-air, turned to jubilation once their feet were firmly back on the ground. Well done boys!

I promised to add that, Dale Shooter was the first boy over the wall.

The boys did mountain climbing, canoeing, ran through tunnels, but most of all, a lot of walking.

After lunch, they headed to do “Oliver’s Travels”. This is not for the faint hearted, the boys had to walk along a tar poll which was ± 20m long and really high off the ground, whereby after completing the walk along the polls, they had to leap for a swing, which was a distance away.

I was promised many gifts by the boys if I would give them permission not to do the walk along “Oliver’s Travels”.

I eventually did it myself, in order to show the boys that it was not that bad, and again every single boy conquered “Oliver’s Travels”.

Well done to all, especially Matthew Tubb.

Our boys then attempted to break the obstacle course record and failed just short of this achievement. Another great effort.

At ± 16h00 on Saturday afternoon we sat together and reflected not just on the day’s activities, but on the entire course.

Every boy present, commented on their achievement, conquering their fears, but best of all, making new friends.

We arrived back at Glenwood at ± 17h30 and I am sure that all the parents had a really quiet Saturday evening – the boys were in ‘dreamland’ before 19h30.

Again a BIG thanks to all that attended, they can be truly proud of themselves, and they must remember that with a great team, nothing in life cannot be achieved.

Report by Mr Craig Baker

Photos by Mr Craig Baker and Mrs Wilma Adendorff