Media Club

Media Club engages students who exhibit interest and talent in photography and journalism (which includes stories, Twitter feeds, Facebook and Instagram). Students are given the opportunity to develop their skills through training programmes such as photography courses, exhibitions, field trips and competitions.

By capturing the moments in various school events, the Media Club plays an integral role in history-making at Glenwood High School.

What we do

Have you wondered where the photo montages during presentations come from?  We are the ones behind photo montages and photo coverage of school events.


Through this Glenwood hopes to ignite a passion for photography, as well as technical aspects of the media, by engaging students in interesting workshops and in competitions that allow students to fully showcase their potential to peers. We also give students the chance to come in contact with high-end equipment such as DSLRs and powerful iPads to assist in club activities. Moreover, boys can gain valuable experience and develop their ownership and responsibility by volunteering for duties during school events.