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Glenwood High School Prospectus 2015 attached below

Glenwood Gibson House High School Prospectus 2015 attached below


For all parents the education of their children is of the greatest importance and selecting the right school is not an easy task. The benefit of a sound education is one of the greatest gifts you can bestow on your son. It is something he cannot lose or have taken away from him. It will greatly influence his realising his potential and will enhance his chances of leading a successful life.

As one of South Africa's Historic Schools, Glenwood is acknowledged as one of the leading boys' schools in the country. It has offered a quality education to generations of young men.

Our aim is to provide each boy with the education which will equip him for his future in society. To achieve our aim we offer:

·        a relevant education for a changing South Africa;
·        a unique friendly and caring ethos;
·        a demanding yet supportive learning environment;
·        a pupil-centred approach where every learner is provided with opportunities for individual growth;
·        excellent facilities and the latest education technology;
·        a well equipped professional and dedicated teaching staff;
·        a cost effective education;
·        an extensive and highly competitive extra-curricular programme;
·        High school education with a scientific bias.

We have confidence in Glenwood's future. Although tradition is important at Glenwood we are not trapped by the past. We believe in preserving the best of the past, but have at the same time shown a willingness to adapt to change - to be pro-active and relevant as we prepare our pupils to play a meaningful role in a future South Africa. Our reputation in this regard is widely acknowledged. We do not see change as a threat, but as a challenge to build anew.

This Information Booklet is intended to stimulate your interest in Glenwood, but words are inadequate in conveying the atmosphere of the school. You are invited to visit Glenwood and talk to the boys or the Staff. Only then can you judge whether it is the right place for your son.

The Badge was designed in 1937. The bar is to signify our break with the Technical College (now the Durban University of Technology) which occurred in 1929 when the School (then still known as the Technical High School) moved to its present site. The change in name to "GLENWOOD HIGH SCHOOL" came in 1934. The three trees are symbolic of the bush which surrounded the School in its early days in McDonald Road. The Falcon represents what we like to believe is our attitude towards how we participate in sport - swift and clean of strike. The small badge in the top right hand column of our shield is actually that of the old Technical College, emphasising our link with that parent body.

"Nihil Humani Alienum" is an abbreviation of a sentence from a dramatic work of the Roman playwright Terentius Varro, who lived in the last few decades preceding the birth of Christ.

The full sentence is: "Homo sum humani nihil a me alienum puto".

Homo        a man
sum           I am
humani      pertaining to human kind
nihil           nothing
a me          to me
alienum     foreign, for a matter of indifference
puto          I consider

Hence: "I am a man - I consider nothing pertaining to human kind a matter of indifference to me."

The motto uses three of the key words with the order changed for euphony.


Nihil Humani Alienum
‘Nothing that concerns humanity is unimportant to me’
The mutual development of humanity is our goal.


A leading South African boys’ school committed to providing holistic, excellent education for a changing world.


Our mission is to prepare Glenwood boys to meet the challenges of a dynamic and changing world. Glenwood builds on its heritage, diversity, and values, developing the qualities and strengths of each young man; it engages with the needs and interests of society and with the challenges of higher education and the workplace.


Our objectives are to…
Lead through excellence in the realms of academics, culture, sport and social service -
Nurture the individual through providing a relevant,
integrated learning environment -
Develop confidence, self-belief, and the ability to work as part of a team -
Encourage self-control, awareness and motivation, thereby encouraging empathy
towards others and an appreciation of the differences among people -
Create a safe, supportive, and friendly environment in which justice
and equity are seen to prevail -
Promote democratic principles, so that democracy is a lived experience
based on respect for others, and for their opinions, beliefs, values and rights -
Maintain strong moral, ethical and spiritual values -
Provide opportunities to exercise initiative and leadership
by fully participating in the life of our school -
Develop the potential for, and responsibilities of,
leadership in areas of social and economic endeavour –
Contribute to the future of humanity.


1.  This Information Booklet is intended to provide information on Glenwood High School; the establishment of the School, its facilities, the academic programme, what extra-curricular activities are offered, requirements for admission and details regarding fees.

The closing date for all applications is the end of March of the preceding year.


Glenwood's Reputation:

Glenwood is today acknowledged as one of the leading boys' schools in the country, and enjoys a reputation built on the achievements of the past. Its boys have over the years distinguished themselves in all fields of endeavour.

Academically, Glenwood boys have regularly featured among the top pupils in KwaZulu-Natal. They have gone on to excel at University and have achieved the highest academic honours as winners of Rhodes, Smuts and Elsie Ballot Scholarships.

Glenwood enjoys regular contact with other major schools throughout the country and the world in a variety of cultural and sporting activities. Glenwood boys have excelled at Provincial and National level and have captained South African Schools' Cricket, Rugby, Hockey and Water Polo teams. It has also become renowned for its Band. Glenwood boys have distinguished themselves as lively, interesting speakers in provincial public speaking and debating competitions. The various Academics of Excellence continue to encourage the desire for group success.

Glenwood Old Boys are to be found in every walk of life. They are active in the professions, are leaders in commerce and industry, and as academics are found in universities throughout the world.

Glenwood's Educational Philosophy:

Glenwood is concerned with the education of all its pupils. It stresses the striving after excellence and takes pride in the achievements of the talented and exceptional individuals. This education taken in the broader sense includes an increased responsibility for the pupils' social, moral, spiritual and emotional development, in addition to our traditional interest in academic proficiency. It recognises the individuality and worth of every boy and aims to:

·  provide opportunities for each boy to grow as an individual and realise his unique potential through the achievement of realistic self-set goals;
·  enrich the lives of its pupils through encouraging their participation in the  School's varied cultural and sporting programme;
·  educate for life in a changing society through the development of a social conscience and the recognition of the importance and dignity of every human-being, regardless of status, colour, race or religion;
·  cultivate in our youth a love and understanding of our country and a desire to participate intelligently in the solving of its problems; and
·  socialise within a school climate which is characterised by mutual respect and the happy, friendly interaction of its members.
·  Support and promote the School’s strong scientific bias in terms of subject offering.


Consistent with our traditions and School motto "Nihil Humani Alienum",  Glenwood will in the years that lie ahead endeavour to play its own vital role in the reconstruction of society in South Africa by providing access to a quality education for all pupils on merit.

We will not cling to that of the past that needs to change, but guided by our traditions and values we will create anew.

The Admission Policy of Glenwood High School is determined by the Governing Body in terms of Section 5(5) of the South African Schools' Act, 1996 (no.84 of 1996) and is consistent with the Government Gazette Notice 2432 of 1998 with regard to the Admission Policy for Ordinary Public Schools.

Glenwood caters firstly for pupils for whom Glenwood is the nearest Public School. More applications are received than the School can accommodate and our advertised closing date is the 31 March of the year preceding expected admission.

Application Forms can be obtained from the Admissions Secretary.

Pupils for whom Glenwood is not the closest Public School must make timeous application to their closest Public School as very few places exist at Glenwood for these pupils.

The official language of learning and teaching is English.


The origins of the School are to be found in the establishment in 1910 of the Day Continuation School for Boys as part of the Durban Technical Institute which had been founded in 1907. There were 26 pupils on the roll when the Day Continuation School opened.

The School and Durban Technical Institute outgrew their premises in Russell Street and in 1912 moved to the buildings which became the original Technikon. In 1916 it was renamed the Technical High School, while the whole institution became the Technical College.

In 1923 the Natal Provincial Council decided to separate the Technical High School from the parent Technical College, and accordingly the Durban Corporation made available a site in McDonald Road, at that time a virtually undeveloped area. In 1929 the School transferred to its present premises, and in 1934 the name Technical High School changed to that of GLENWOOD HIGH SCHOOL, and in 1937 the present school badge was designed.

In the same year a hostel, the "Government Schools' Hostel, Durban", was built and was open to all pupils attending Government schools in the city. Later the Provincial Administration handed the building over for Glenwood's exclusive occupation.

This became GIBSON HOUSE, named in honour of Roy Gibson, son of the "Lady in White", Perla Siedle Gibson, and the first boarder to die in World War II.

The original school buildings have been added to over the years and now comprise three large teaching blocks, a hall, squash courts, swimming pool and a synthetic hockey surface. The teaching blocks include administrative offices, a Media Centre which is well-stocked with books and audio-visual equipment, Science and Biology laboratories, Technical Drawing rooms, an Art Studio, a Drama Studio and a dedicated Autocad room.

The 1980s, too, saw major changes in the physical growth of the School. New main field seating, a third squash court, audio-visual rooms, new change rooms, a gymnasium and a Museum are some of the more notable changes.

During the 1990s the Team Teaching room was air-conditioned and the Lecture Theatre seating 100 pupils was completed. Glenwood has acquired access to the vast Internet system - an international network linking more than 20 million computer users - enabling pupils to correspond via electronic mail  with pupils around the world, exchanging ideas on culture, language and scientific matters.

In its Mission Statement Glenwood has committed itself to preparing its pupils for 'life in a changing society'. With the Information Age upon us, and the certain knowledge that it will revolutionise communication, it is imperative that pupils be equipped with the skills to access, retrieve, understand and assimilate the untold wealth of information that will become available to them.

In the 1980s Glenwood was one of the first schools in South Africa to introduce computers in the classroom.

In 1995 the school took a decisive step towards preparing its pupils for everyday working and academic life in the 21st Century by spending R1 500 000.00 on developing its new 'Media and Information Technology Centre'.

At the beginning of 1996 Glenwood appointed its first Director of Information and Technology, whose stated aim is "to enable everyone at Glenwood, staff and pupils, to be able to use a computer as an everyday tool. A computer should be available when required, just as one reaches for a calculator or a book".

Glenwood is in the forefront of South African schools in the field of Information Technology, and can offer its pupils the following facilities:

·        a fully computerised Media Centre with 18 000 volumes presently on the shelves;
·        two search stations to empower pupils in the finding and selection of books, thus encouraging an ethic of self-directed, independent discovery;
·        a large budget set aside each year for constantly updating the purchase of books and magazines that cater for pupils' intellectual, technical and leisure interests;
·        competent, skilled students on duty in the afternoons to assist all pupils in the use of Multimedia technology;
·        a multi-purpose mezzanine floor which is available for collaborative learning groups, slide shows, seminars, etc.;
·        two Music Seminar Rooms;
·        two sound-proofed self-study rooms;
·        60 computers in three learning areas, giving pupils access to, and confidence in the use of: Word Processing, Multimedia, Internet, E-Mail, Desk Top Publishing, Networking and computer aided design.
·        at least a dozen venues within the school are fitted with the latest interactive white board technology.
·        at least a dozen classrooms are fitted with TV, VCR and DVD units.
·        the latest 3D Overhead projectors are used in selected teaching venues.
·        phases 1 & 2 of a specialised Maths and Science Centre have been completed
·        a synthetic Hockey Turf has just been completed.
·        a High Performance Gym facility is available at the Mike Turrell Pavilion.

But in the midst of this "High-Tech' centre, a friendly, congenial atmosphere prevails in what is literally and symbolically the 'heart' of Glenwood, and its heritage is preserved and displayed in the School's museum which forms the entrance to the Media and Technology Centre. And so, again true to the spirit of its Mission Statement, Glenwood, mindful of its heritage, meet the challenges of the future.


5.1.  The GETC (Grade 8 and Grade 9), now referred to as the Senior Phase of the General Education and Training Band, is both formative and exploratory.  As from 2001 the curriculum from Grade 8 is Outcomes Based in orientation.

The eight learning areas in the Senior Phase are:

·        LLC              Language, Literacy and Communication
·        MLMMS            Mathematical Literacy, Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences
·        TECH             Technology
·        HSS              Human/Social Sciences
·        AC               Arts and Culture
·        NS               Natural Sciences
·        LO               Life Orientation
·        EMS              Economic and Management Sciences

5.2.  In the Senior Secondary Phase (Grades 10, 11 and 12), now referred to as the Further Education and Training band, differentiation is introduced according to the interests, needs and abilities of pupils. Pupils may select:

·       subjects at different degrees of difficulty; and
·       different subject packages or fields of study.

In addition to English (Home Language) and Afrikaans (1st Additional Language) or Zulu (1st Additional Language), combinations of the following subjects are offered:

Life Science (Biology), Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy,  Physical Science, Geography, History, Information Technology, Visual Arts, Engineering and Graphics Design (Technical Drawing), Accountancy, Dramatic Arts, Business Economics and Computer Applications Technology.

All courses offered by the School initially lead to Matriculation Exemption, i.e. University entrance qualification.

Please note that promotion requirements will alter dramatically as the NSC is developed further over time.


A system of continuous assessment is followed in all Grades. Pupils should therefore apply themselves regularly throughout the year and not work for control tests or examinations only. Each term's mark will normally include a class mark component based on a variety of class assignments and class tests as well as a standardised control test. Grade 12 term marks will only reflect the control test marks, although the final school assessment report will include a class mark component. Outcomed Based Assessment is the norm rather than the exception at present.


Parents will receive computer generated reports for each term of the academic year. Reports issued in the first and third term will not contain as much information as in the other two terms. Detailed reports are issued at mid-year and end of year.


Pupils are instructed to take every test home once tests are handed back. Parents are requested to sign next to the mark - this will ensure that they are always aware of their son's progress.

THE DAILY REPORT system is intended as a means of bringing pressure to bear on those pupils who are under-achieving. Subject teachers comment on every lesson, and the form is signed by the parent at the end of each week. This will come into operation at the beginning of the second term, once the results of the first Control Test have been analysed.

REGRADING is kept to a minimum during the course of an academic year in order to minimise disruptions. In the junior grades, some regrading may occur after the mid-year examinations, but only if there is a statistical significant difference in marks. In the senior grades some changes of subject sets may be necessary.


Each pupil is to have a Homework /Life Orientation Diary in which he is to record the homework set each day. Four subjects are set on each night except Fridays for each Grade. The time per subject varies from 20 minutes in Grade 8 to a minimum of 30 minutes per subject in Grade 12. On weekends only English, Afrikaans and isiZulu are set - usually an essay. Please do not accept the excuse that no homework has been set. Revision, consolidation and preparation should take place every night.


The Counselling Department assists pupils with selection of subject courses and careers, as well as dealing with problems of personal adjustment.


The School is equipped with two computer learning centres. All pupils in Grades 8 and 9 receive instruction in a computer literacy programme to develop computer confidence and teaches the essential computer skills of word processing, spreadsheet use, data base functions, desk top publishing and graphics. We also have a direct link to the  Internet. Pupils are able to exchange E-Mail with students worldwide and also have access to the vast research resources available. The computer facility is also being increasingly used by other subjects for computer based education and the school administration. A Computer Club and support group is always in operation.


Pupils are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities in the belief that this is an essential aspect of their overall education, and complementary to their academic development, both of these components being essential in preparing our pupils for life.  Glenwood is committed to an education that extends beyond the confines of the classroom..

Exemption from games can only be granted on production of a Medical Certificate. It is in the interest of every boy that he should identify himself with some school extra-curricular activity.

The conventional team sports are offered. These include Athletics, Cricket, Cross-Country Running, Hockey, Rugby, Squash, Swimming, Tennis and Waterpolo.

To widen the opportunities for participation in sport, Glenwood teams are also entered in the following leagues and competitions: Soccer; Softball; Surfing; Volleyball; Basketball; Karate; Table Tennis; Sailing; Target Shooting; Badminton; Cycling; Canoeing; etc.

In support of a strong sporting ethos at the school, a fully equipped gym is available to High Performance sportsmen. Another recent introduction is the Synthetic hockey turf.

We continue to maintain a sporting/cultural balance by offering many activities 'outside' the realm of sport. Debates, speech contests, School and House plays all give the pupils a chance to perform in front of, or to, an audience.

The School Band has an unrivalled record and reputation and is in great demand.

Various Societies and Outdoor Clubs are active:

·        Biology Symposium
·        Business Game
·        Chess Club
·        Computer Club
·        Debating Society
·        Dramatic Society
·        First Aid - Service Club
·        Interact Club
·        Library Monitors - Service Club
·        Science Club (Expo)
·        Sports Scorers - Service Club
·        Students' Christian Association etc.


The School uniform has a most important role to play in the development of the School tradition, tone and reputation - but only if it is faithfully worn by all members of the School. Parents are earnestly requested to provide only the correct items as set out in the clothing list and to ensure that the correct uniform is always worn to school. PLEASE MARK ALL ITEMS CLEARLY.

The Official Stockists of the regulation uniforms are:

The Glenwood Uniform Shop situated in the School Refectory and Coffee Shop.


A School shop is in operation at the School. The shop is stocked and run by Mrs Usher.  All clothing pertaining to school activities will be available.

The Glenwood School Bag (Compulsory for ALL new pupils) can only be purchased from the School Shop.

The School Shop is open Monday to Thursday 09:00 to 15:00, Friday 09:00 – 14:00 and on Saturdays when sport is played at school.

A facility for second-hand clothing will be available.


Each pupil is expected to have the following:

1 x Glenwood High School green blazer with badge – 2 buttons, back vent as per standard specification.
4 x White short sleeved, button-up, plain raised collar shirt (no button-down collar)
2 x Regulation grey trousers
1 x Regulation School tie
3 x Grey anklet socks
1 x Black lace-up shoes (plain design)
1 x Regulation green pullover (optional)
1 x School bag
1 x Sports bag
1 x School umbrella (optional)
1 x Regulation Glenwood High School tracksuit.
1 x Glenwood High School towel


As uniform for official occasions, BUT -

Blazer    :  Worn to School for official functions, Grade 8 – 12, Prize Giving and when representing the School.
Shirt     :  Plain white collar with long or short sleeves.


House vest and / or PE T-shirt
Green Quantec shorts.


A Glenwood tracksuit is strongly recommended.


1 x Regulation Glenwood High School swimming costume
1 x Green Glenwood High School towel


1 x Green Quantec shorts
1 x White Glenwood High School PE T-shirt


As per squash


1 x Glenwood High School Basketball kit
2 x Green Quantec shorts
2 x White Glenwood High School anklet socks
1 x Trainers / takkies – white
1 x Glenwood sports shirt (collared)


1 x Green Quantec shorts
1 x Green Glenwood High School towel


JUNIORS – (U13 & U14)

1 x Green Quantec shorts
2 x Glenwood High School sports / golf shirt (collared)
2 x Glenwood High School long cricket socks
1 x Cricket trainers / takkies – white

SENIORS – (U15, U16, Open)

2 x Cream regulation shirt /Glenwood High School sports/golf shirt (collared)
2 x Cream regulation longs / white boxer shorts
2 x White Glenwood High School anklet socks
1 x Cricket trainers / takkies – white


(Specialist cycling clothing – list available upon team selection)


2 x Glenwood High School Sports / golf shirt (collared)
1 x Khaki long shorts (with black belt)
1 x Long plain white socks
1 x Golf shoes (soft spike)


1 x Glenwood High School hockey kit
2 x Glenwood High School long hockey socks
1 x Hockey Boots

Goalie sportswear (optional)


1 x Official Karate suit.


1 x Green Quantec shorts
2 x White Glenwood High School PE T-shirt


1 x Glenwood High School rugby jersey
1 x Dark blue practice jersey / Scarlet practice jersey
2 x Regulation white shorts (matches)
2 x Glenwood High School rugby socks
1 x Boots (black only)


2 x Glenwood High School Sports / golf shirt (collared)
1 x Green Quantec shorts


1 x Glenwood High School Soccer kit
2 x Glenwood High School long sports socks
1 x Boots (black only)

Goalie sportswear (optional)


2 x Glenwood High School Sports / golf shirt (collared)
1 x long plain white socks


2 x Glenwood High School PE T-shirts
1 x Green Quantec shorts
1 x Green Glenwood High School towel


2 x Glenwood High School Sports / golf shirt (collared)
1 x Green Quantec shorts
2 x White Glenwood High School anklet socks


Full school uniform


2 x Glenwood High School Sports / golf shirt (collared)
1 x Green Quantec shorts
2 x White Glenwood High School anklet socks
1 x Tennis / Squash trainers


2 x Glenwood High School PE T-shirts
1 x Green Quantec shorts


1 x Glenwood High School Sports / golf shirt (collared)
1 x Green Quantec shorts


This is an extract from our CODE OF CONDUCT.

A complete copy of the CODE OF CONDUCT is available from the School on request.



Dress Code : School

8.1.  During school, in public and at official school functions a Glenwood boy required to comply with the dress code which consists of:

·        a Glenwood High School green blazer with school badge on pocket;
·        regulation medium-grey trousers;
·        a plain white collar shirt with long or short sleeves;
·        regulation plain grey socks to match trousers;
·        black lace-up shoes;
·        the official School tie (special tie for Matrics);
·        a white or green jersey, which is to be worn under the blazer (NO tracksuit top);
·        Grey shorts may be worn by learners in Grade 8 & 9.

8.2.  The boy shall furthermore present a neat appearance at all times in that:

·        his clothes must be clean and his shoes polished.
·        Hair standard : Cut and Style
         Front fringe may not extend to eyebrows or beyond;
         clean shaven.
         Sides short and off the ears
         cutting, shaved sides or steps
         sideburns may not extend to below the middle of the ear.
         Back   short and off the collar
         tapered and graded
         no under-cutting, shaved back, step or wedge or any other considered inappropriate by the Headmaster in his sole discretion;
         General brush cuts, shaved heads, perms, straightening, bleaching, high-lights, and any other form of styling are NOT acceptable.
·        He must carry his bag i.e. an official Glenwood School Bag at his side rather than on his shoulder, with the exception of Glenwood satchels and sports bags, which may be carried on the shoulder.
·        There is to be no graffiti on bags.
·        He must not stand with his hands in his pockets.

Dress Code - Sport

·        The correct sports attire must be worn for physical education and School games. Boy’s must shower and change into School uniform or School track suit after sport.
·        If the learners are being collected at the School by their Parents they may go home in their tracksuits. At all other times full School uniform must be worn i.e. to home or away games.
·        Attendance at practices is compulsory.  Any request to be excused must be made in advance and in person to the Coach with a letter from the parents.

Conduct on School Grounds

A Glenwood boy is required to:

·        Stand for, greet and assist any visitors to the School.
·        Obey and assist all teachers and prefects to the best of his ability.
·        Greet teachers and prefects.
·        Report any breach of the Code of Conduct to someone in a position of authority.
·        Have all his stationery and school uniform/kit clearly marked with his name.

8.3.  Regarding bounds:

8.3.1.   All School buildings are 'Out of Bounds' before school and during breaks with the exception of the Media Centre the Refectory area and the area adjacent to the main notice boards.
8.3.2.   In case of rain, pupils are permitted in the corridors but not in the classrooms.
8.3.3.   The Boarding Establishment premises are 'Out of Bounds' to all day scholars.
8.3.4.   The swimming pool area and the squash courts are 'Out of Bounds'  without Teacher/Coach supervision.
8.3.5.   Only Prefects may use the administration foyer.
8.3.6.   Permission is required to leave the School premises during school hours -an exeat must be obtained from the relevant Form Head.
8.3.7.   In addition to compliance with South African Law, a Glenwood learner is prohibited from:
8.3.8.   Bringing alcohol onto School property.
8.3.9.   Bringing weapons or any instruments of violence of any kind onto school property.
8.3.10.  Bringing tobacco onto School property.
8.3.11.  Bringing illegal substances onto School property.
8.3.12.  Dealing in any goods except with specific permission from the Form Head.
8.3.13.  Bringing any electronic equipment onto School property unless given written consent is obtained from an HOD.
8.3.14.  Physically assaulting another learner.
8.3.15.  Swearing.
8.3.16.  Verbal abuse of another learner.
8.3.17.  Horseplay.
8.3.18.  Ball games in the buildings.
8.3.19.  Smoking while in school uniform.
8.3.20.  Attending school under the influence of alcohol or any other illegal mind-altering substances.
8.3.21.  Committing theft.
8.3.22.  Scrounging.
8.3.23.  Littering and eating in the School buildings.
8.3.24.  Gambling on School property.
8.3.25.  Bringing pornography to School.
8.3.26.  Committing arson of any kind, wilfully or due to negligence.
8.3.27.  Cellular telephones are banned at school.

8.4.  At Assembly

Pupils are to be seated silently once they have entered the Hall and are required to stand for the Staff once they enter.

8.5.  General Classroom Conduct

A Glenwood pupil is required to:

8.5.1.  Attend all lessons regularly and promptly.
8.5.2   Hand in properly completed assignments by specified deadlines.
8.5.3   Respect the work ethic of the classroom by not creating a disturbance or hindering others.
8.5.4.  Obey instructions from the teacher.
8.5.5.  Ensure the cleanliness of the classroom.
8.5.6.  Assist the teacher in maintaining discipline in an acceptable manner.
8.5.7.  Take responsibility for any wrongdoing and its consequences.

8.6.    A Glenwood pupil is Prohibited from

8.6.4.  Cheating in class
8.6.5.  Cheating in tests/exams
8.6.6.  Lying
8.6.7.  Damaging School property in any way

8.7.  Conduct out of School Grounds

A Glenwood boy is required to wear his entire School Uniform unless:
8.7.1.  He is collected directly from School whereupon he is required to wear a full School tracksuit provided that he intends going straight home i.e.
8.7.2a. Learner may not go to public places in anything other than full School uniform.
8.8.  Conduct regarding PublicTransport

A Glenwood pupil is required to:

8.8.1.  Enter in a calm and orderly manner in order of seniority.
8.8.2.  Obey and assist any senior learner.
8.8.3.  Stand and make way for any adult member of the public.
8.8.4.  Stand and make way for any learner senior to himself.
8.8.5.  Enter the bus at prescribed collection points (do not attempt to enter  the bus at higher points along the route).
8.8.6.  Motorcycles and bicycles may only be parked in designated areas.

8.9       Conduct while representing the School

A Glenwood boy is required to:

8.9.1.  Meet all applicable dress requirements.
8.9.2.  Be courteous and helpful.
8.9.3.  Neither through action nor word bring discredit to either himself or the school.

8.10.  Attendance and Promptness

Regular attendance is required during school hours (07h30 - 14h30).

8.10.1.  Pupils who have been absent from school are required to furnish reasons in writing and are to be signed by a parent or guardian.
8.10.2.  A medical certificate is required for absences during examinations or for absences in excess of 3 (three) days.
8.10.3.  Be on time for school, lessons and all extra-mural activities.
8.10.4.  Move quickly and quietly in the corridors between periods, during breaks and before and after school. Running in the corridors is forbidden.

9.  Sport and Cultural

9.1.  Every learner is expected to participate in at least one cultural or one summer and one winter sports activity throughout the year.
9.2.  Once you are a member of a sports team or cultural group you are expected to meet your commitments for the year.

Please refer to "Discipline Code/Procedures - Categories of Misconduct" document for reference to specific misdemeanours and the course of action.

10.  PREFECTS ( Senior Pupil Leadership Team)

Prefects assist in implementing the School Rules. Their instructions in pursuance of
their school duties are to be obeyed.


11.1.  ACADEMIC and CLEANING detention will be held on FRIDAYS from 13.30 to 15.30. (or longer for specific cases)
11.2.  Pupils on detention will be advised by Thursday 14:30. They will also be called out by the Head Prefect at the beginning of Assembly on Friday and will be seated on the stage steps.
11.3.  Detention will be controlled by the prefects and supervised by a member of management.
11.4.  If a boy is placed on detention it is to take PRIORITY OVER ALL OTHER ACTIVITIES AND ARRANGEMENTS.
11.5.  The member of management on duty will investigate absences from detention.
11.6.  Failure to attend detention could result in suspension from school.
11.7.  Headmaster's detention, which is held every afternoon from 14:45 to 15:45. This also takes priority over all arrangements and activities, and parents will be notified.
11.8.  Pupils placed on detention twice in the same week must remain until 16:00 in order to complete both detentions. If a learner receives more than two detentions in the same week, the matter will be referred to the Headmaster immediately.
11.9.  Letters of notification will be sent to the parents of those pupils who are placed on detention more than three times.
It is in a boy's own interest to maintain high standards at Glenwood, so please co-operate in helping to maintain these standards. Make every effort to avoid being placed on detention and so also avoid the resulting complications.


12.1.  Academic parents' evenings are held for every Grade once a year at which parents have the opportunity of meeting their sons' teachers individually and discussing their sons' progress.
12.2.  In the event of a problem arising, parents should, in the first instance, make contact with the Form Head responsible for their son. Should the matter not be resolved or if it is of a particularly serious or sensitive nature, kindly arrange an appointment directly with the Senior Deputy Headmaster, or the Headmaster, through their respective Personal Assistants.


Parents are encouraged to play an active role in the education of their sons - it is a dual responsibility shared with the School.

The following Parent Associations exist at Glenwood:


Parents are represented on the Governing Body through elected parent representatives as well as staff and pupil representation. Parents have the majority representation.

The Standing Committees of the Governing Body are as follows:

Academic & Cultural
Brand Stewardship
Facilities Management
Finance: Budget, Fees and Investments
Fundraising & Projects
Gibson House (Boarding Establishment)
Information Technology
Legal: Constitution, Code of Conduct
Marketing & Recruitment
Staff Selection

13.2.           MOTHERS' GROUP

The Mothers' Group has both a social and service function. A social programme of talks and demonstrations is arranged and mothers are encouraged to attend.

The mothers also serve on the following sub-committees, each with its own convenor:

Catering Committee
Major Functions
Sport:  Rugby, Cricket etc.


The Falcon Club is a supporters club made up of parents, staff, old boys and supporters of Glenwood. The membership fee is R50,00 per annum.

They meet socially once a term at an evening function and funds raised are used to improve school facilities.

Application forms to join the Falcon Club are available from the Front Office.

13.4.  100 CLUB

A fundraising initiative which also introduces a social aspect into the Glenwood             Family


14.1.  The parent community in keeping with Government policy, has in recent years been asked to make a more direct contribution to the running costs of the School and the maintenance and development of facilities.
14.2.  Without parent contributions there would be a drastic cut-back on what we are able to offer our pupils.
14.3.  The SCHOOL FEE FOR 2009 is R19 400,00 and is reviewed annually. Payments may be made by means of an annual contribution, quarterly in advance or by monthly payments. A 10% discount (5% for credit card) is allowed if the School Fee is paid in full by 28 February each year. Debit Order, Electronic Transfer and Direct Deposit facilities are available.
14.4.  The Glenwood Educational Trust is a registered Trust and all contributions are Tax deductible under Section 18A of the Income Tax Act.

The Group Insurance is included in the School Fee for all boys attending Glenwood. Parents will be given full details of the scheme and claims procedure.


A non-refundable ADMINISTRATION FEE of R50,00 must accompany the Pupil Personal Particulars Form together with a copy of the applicant's latest report, copy of the Birth Certificate or Book of Life and a passport size photograph.

The Pupil Personal Particulars Form will not be dealt with until this fee is paid and the relevant documents submitted. The payment of the Administration Fee IS NOT a guarantee of acceptance.


New parents are expected to pay a non-refundable Donation of R1000,00 within 14 days of the interview/acceptance of their son's admission to Glenwood. This R1000,00 will be receipted into the Glenwood Educational Trust and you will be issued with a Tax Certificate. The Glenwood Educational Trust has contributed in excess of R5 million to development projects at Glenwood High School in recent years. As the Glenwood Educational Trust is a registered Trust, all contributions are Tax deductible under Section 18A of the Income Tax Act.


Academic, sporting and cultural bursaries and scholarships are offered to deserving pupils each year. Special conditions apply.

NB: Applications for Admission to Glenwood High School CLOSE on 31 March of the year preceeding admission.

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