The Prefects at Glenwood form the Senior Pupil Leadership team in the school. Together with the Representative Council of Learners, they will supervise and oversee the daily running of the school as far as direct contact with the pupils is concerned. They perform daily duties in and around the school as well as conducting interviews and tours for prospective pupils.

Their role as part of the marketing department of the school is also vital and critical in ensuring that the correct pupils are admitted to the school. They are well aware of the role as “Servant Leaders” and are often required to “go the extra mile”. Sometimes this entails spending time away from home or late into the evening. They are also often called upon to perform mundane and onerous tasks but have been prepared for these duties through the Leadership Courses in the previous years as well as the Prefects Camp which they all attend once they have been appointed.

It is indeed an honour and a privilege for a pupil to be recognised at Glenwood High School for his leadership abilities and his appointment as a school prefect will stand him in good stead for the many years that lie ahead.