Many schools have a tradition of Student Representative Councils (SRCs) which played a major role in the birth of the new South Africa. Other schools have a long school Prefect tradition. Then there are schools that use both systems. All these traditions need to be brought together within the new context of consolidating democracy at the school level. This resulted in the SA Schools Act stipulating that RCLs must be established in schools with learners in grade 8 and higher. The RCL is a representative body within the school with a definite function because they have a greater say in fundamental policy matters.

The RCL is the official body representing all boys in Glenwood High School and is made up of boys elected by their peers to represent them. It is constituted in accordance with the SA Schools Act. The purpose of the RCL is to provide every boy with an opportunity to participate in school governance and decision making.

The RCL enables Glenwood Boys to contribute towards the improvement of the culture of learning, teaching and service in the school. The Glenwood High School’s RCL understands the need for a sound relationship between teachers and boys and their main objective is to create a sense of co-responsibility in the boys. The role of the RCL is to create the opportunity to identify and train future leaders within the school. It aims to keep boys abreast of events at school and in the Glenwood Community. The RCL attempts to promote sport and cultural activities within the School. Two of the members also represent the boys in the SGB and provides a voice for the boys.

We are very proud of the recent fundraising initiatives of the RCL to assist the school in the Outreach Programme.

The RCL is committed to the Vision and Mission of Glenwood High School.