Tomorrow’s Leaders in Training (TLT)

The TLT Programme was birthed as a response to the ever-increasing pressures and expectations placed on young people. Whilst much attention is given to their academic or sporting development, often their personal and social development gets left behind. Therefore, at TLT we aim to maximise their potential through our life-skills based leadership education programme – The programme is designed to assist individuals through our D.R.E.A.M acronym:

· Discovering who they are.

· Realising their potential.

· Empowering them with practical skills to navigate through their schooling career and making better decisions when it comes to dealing with the pressures of life.

· Activation of future dreams and goals by exploring subject choice and career guidance through partnering with the Career Guidance Centre.

· Mentorship – Spending quality time with individuals.

TLT is run by individuals who are highly qualified in youth development and has been designed to build the confidence, self-esteem and character of young people to enable them to be well-rounded, forward-focused world-changers.

At TLT we believe that every young person we engage with has gold within them and it is our privilege to help mine that gold, to help them realise their value and what is inside them already. We do this by creating a safe environment and giving them a voice through Leadership Training & Mentorship! We strive to take the students we work with to new heights.

The TLT Team believes that a Positive and Fruitful future is dependent on how much we invest in the lives our Youth

TLT has for product offerings presently:

· TLT Schools (Curriculum design around Life Orientation)

· TLT Holiday Sessions (4-day School Holiday Program)

· TLT Connect (A one day Equipping and Mentorship Day)

· TLT Workshops (Bespoke material designed for anything from and hour to a few days)

The intent of the TLT Program is to be Engaging, Fun and Challenging, all the while instilling confidence in individuals.

Professional Career Guidance, carried out by the Career Guidance Centre, is also available through our program. We help students navigate some of the most daunting and difficult choices facing them and their future success, in a safe and educational environment.

Click on the link to sign up online:

Please print, sign and return your application form to Mr Jose Dos Santo at Glenwood High School –

Should you have any queries, call TLT on 031 460 1702