Beginning thousands of years ago, archery is one of the oldest and most recognisable pastimes enjoyed around the world. Archery was started at Glenwood in 2012 and has continued to enjoy annual growth at the school. Starting with just 9 students, the club has now grown to over 30 students, with new archers being trained every term.

We are the only school in the greater Durban area to offer archery as an extramural and associate ourselves with the Kings Park Archery Club. We have enjoyed a long and prosperous relationship with the club. Our archers also join the South African National Archery Association (SANAA) making them eligible to compete at the highest level of competition and attend both provincial and national trials.

Our archers train at the King’s Park Archery Club using both recurve and compound bows. Recurve bows are the typical bow seen at the Olympics, while compound bows are used more for hunting. Twice a week the archers attend practice under the supervision of our experienced coach Rhyn Potgieter. There they practice shooting from distances ranging from 20 metres to 80 metres.

Our archers are fully-fledged members of the club, and have access to the clubs facilities at any times. Many students can be found the archery range during the weekend getting in some extra practice. This helps to speed up their development, as they can end up shooting against adults in competitions.

We may be one of the smallest extramural codes, but the dedication and perseverance shown by archers can match any other code!