Badminton is an indoor sport that has its origins in Europe and Asia.  It is played with rackets that have a longer shaft and smaller head than in tennis.  It is also played with a shuttlecock and not a bouncing ball. The point is completed once the shuttle hits the ground. This makes the game of badminton a sport that requires a high level of speed, agility, fitness, power and skill.

Glenwood is involved in the Durban league and the boys play their matches at the NBA hall on a Thursday and have practice on a Wednesday. The Hall has 5 courts available. The match is made up of 4 players who each play singles and doubles like in tennis. The boys also take part in the South African Schools Championships every year held in August.

We encourage new players and the growth of the sport because it is a great sport that develops the body and pushes the limits of human endurance.