Glenwood Sporting Houses

The original four School Houses were introduced shortly before the end of WW1 when the Technical High School had grown in size from just 24 in 1910 to over 200 in 1918. It was felt that a system of School Houses should be introduced to increase participation and to grow school spirit.

The names selected for these Houses were, and remain to this day, a tribute to four of the School’s Old Boys who gave their lives during the Great War of 1914 – 1918. The fifth House commemorates a boarder who was killed during the Second World War and is of much more recent origin. These Old Boys are remembered and honoured each year at the Delville Wood and Remembrance Day Memorial Services where the House Captains lay crosses at the War Memorial. Boys represented their Houses for the first time in the annual athletics meeting held at Albert Park in September 1918.

As was appropriate with school sporting houses, colours were adopted: Blanksbys (red), Earlys (blue), Gibson (white), Kennedys (green) and McCabes (yellow). The sporting house system provided much competition and entertainment in a variety of sports, a tradition that has been maintained to this day.