Hockey Academy

Glenwood’s Hockey Academy is focused around giving boys the additional training hours to develop their technical skills in an environment where coaches are able to have a more hands on approach outside of their weekly training sessions.

The Academy provides the boys with the opportunities to train with match related intensity, which produces consistency in their decision making under pressure. Not only does it give the boys the freedom to know that they can make mistakes, it also allows them to grow knowing they have the additional time to progress with their technical base. We focus on giving boys the opportunity to grow their knowledge base and become smarter players. We focus on strength and conditioning that relates to hockey players, as well as incorporating speed and change in direction into exercises that are hockey intensity related.

Our micro and macro skills development planning, allows for our young players to train the skills that they will need to step up to the U16 age group, and our planning aimed for the older boys, allows them the opportunity increase their intensity, which becomes a huge factor in performance in the higher age groups. The success and growth of boys is achieved through their own hard work, commitment and perseverance and it is extremely rewarding when they have applied themselves and show the motivation and commitment through the program. We have seen many provincial boys come through the system, which is testament to the boys’ commitment and dedication to the program.