Toastmasters – 2014.


Toastmasters – 2014.

Glenwood's toastmaster’s pupils started their journey on the 29th of July 2014. The small group of +/- 20 boys had no idea what was in store for them in the coming 8 weeks. The boys joined the course for different reasons, but all had the same objectives. They wanted to learn how to speak and be heard and not just talk.

At their first meeting, they were greeted by the friendly faces of Elaine and Attie Swanepoel. Not only were they friendly and lively, but the boys are also very glad and proud to be able to call them their mentors. They showed the boys the finer details of public speaking and taught them invaluable life lessons that they will carry with them for many years to come.

Every Tuesday the toastmaster’s boys would gather at 5pm to conduct their meetings where they would listen, speak and learn. The boys were split into three groups and each night every group had a different duty. One did prepared speeches, another evaluated the speakers and another made impromptu speeches.

The boys' couple of weeks together was in preparation for the graduation dinner held on the 25th of September where they were finally able to showcase their new talents and learned skills in front of parents and teachers. This was easily the highlight of the course and a fantastic evening overall. The winners in the three categories were as follows:

  • Impromptu: Gabriele Ronchese
  • Evaluation: Casey Milos
  • Prepared Speaking: André van der Walt and Lencho Brynard (Tie)

Together they shared many laughs, many ideas and opinions, but most importantly, they formed new friendships and strengthened existing ones. To quote Dr. Seuss: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”


Mrs A Barnes

MIC: Toastmasters.