In late 2017, Glenwood old boy Sidney Rash was selected as one of 15 musicians from around the world (being the only drummer selected), to receive an all-expenses-paid trip to Los Angeles for 6 weeks, staying in a Beverly Hills mansion and working in the LA music industry.

During this trip, he performed and worked with artists such as Randy Jackson and Kenny G, as well as some of the top session musicians in the world, and got to visit and work in some of the best recording and rehearsal studios in Hollywood. He also worked with amazing producers, such as Walter Afanasieff, who has written and produced for Mariah Carey and Barbara Streisand among many other world famous artists.

While visiting the USA, he was introduced to his all-time drumming hero, Dave Weckl, who asked Sidney to record in his Los Angeles studio for an online educational drumming website, and then received various offers to work with other artists in the United States.

He has subsequently moved to Los Angeles with his wife and daughter, where he is now living, and just received his permanent work visa for the USA.

Sidney’s passion for music began while he was at Glenwood, where he performed in the band, and played music with his friends after school. He has pursued his passion for many years, and is now living out some of the dreams he had while in school.

“I hope this inspires some or all of you to find what you’re good at, work hard and pursue your dreams, with laser like focus and passion, and to be kind to everyone you meet along your journey, as you never know when that kindness will be repaid to you along the way,” Sidney said.