Visual Arts

The course offered at Glenwood involves Art on an academic and a practical level.

The boy who intends to study Visual Arts at Form IV, V and VI level must:
 show a keen and genuine interest in the arts
 be committed and dedicated have a keen interest in all structures – that of the man-made world and natural world (as this is where he will draw his inspiration from)
 have a willingness to learn, to experiment with art materials and apply newly acquired skills to his own creations
 have to some extent a natural flair and talent in art (to cope with practical assignments)
 have to some degree academic potential (to cope with the History of Art aspect)

It is an interesting and stimulating subject which opens up for the pupil a wide range of further career possibilities, e.g.
Art Teaching
Graphic Design and Advertising
Textile Design
Interior Design
Clothing Design and Clothing Management
Jewellery Design
Industrial Design
Architectural Design
Ceramics, Crafts
Fine Arts, etc.

It must be stressed that this subject should not be considered an easy option. It is a challenging and demanding subject, but most rewarding to those who use it to their full potential.

What is possibly as important an aspect of the Art course is the overall impact it has on pupils. Even if they choose not to study Art after school, they leave school more culturally aware, enriched academically and sensitive to the world around them.