Boys participate in Focus Group

Third-year students from Vega School visited Glenwood today. The Vega students are currently busy with Brand Challenge. Nannette and Shannon (Group – Steel Magnolia – Influence) used our boys as part of a focus group for their brand research. Our boys eagerly participated in the focus group and gave valuable feedback on the specific brand.

Vega School, Brand Challenge for third-year and honours students run over a four-week period. Student teams from various disciplines investigate complex brand scenarios from all angles to identify the key issues facing the brand. They then address these issues with the development of brand strategies, campaign strategies and creative communication.

The Vega vision of graduating a new breed of industry-ready iconoclasts is perhaps most fully realised in the famous Vega Brand Challenge. This exciting annual event puts students in the real world in order to give tangible substance to what it means to be creatively strategic and strategically creative.

The Glenwood boys enjoyed being part of the focus group and were a valuable part of these students’ research.