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Glenwood offers programmes designed to promote brotherhood and camaraderie. Boys are encouraged to respect each other’s differences. We believe that positive relationships inspire academic success amongst boys. Our large contingency of Old Boys’ on our academic staff is testimony to the fact that a legacy of brotherhood is fostered amongst the boys. Each boy while encouraged to be an individual is part of the brotherhood of the Green Machine.

Pastoral care is fully integrated throughout the teaching and learning of the school to effectively meet the personal, social and academic needs of boys and staff.

Each grade is involved in a specifically designed leadership course which imparts age appropriate skills and values to the boys.

In the mentorship programme, we address issues pertaining to leadership with the focus being on our fellow learners, our community and the influence we can have in society. The outcome of the programme aligns with the core values of the school; tolerance, respect, compassion and integrity.

The mentorship programme is our attempt to restore faith in humanity, and to develop young men that will be better husbands and fathers in the future.

The Prefects at Glenwood form the Senior Pupil Leadership team in the school. Together with the Representative Council of Learners, they will supervise and oversee the daily running of the school as far as direct contact with the pupils is concerned. They perform daily duties in and around the school as well as conducting interviews and tours for prospective pupils.

The RCL is the official body representing all boys in Glenwood High School and is made up of boys elected by their peers to represent them. It is constituted in accordance with the SA Schools Act. The purpose of the RCL is to provide every boy with an opportunity to participate in school governance and decision making.

The RCL is committed to the Vision and Mission of Glenwood High School.