On the 13th of May 2016 Mr Rob van Feyst, the Executive Director of Narconon (Cape Town) came to speak to the boys in assembly and showed them a presentation about Drug Awareness in schools.

He explained his experiences and issues he dealt with in his life regarding drugs and ways in which to alleviate drugs from a person’s life and how to deal with the person who is addicted to drugs.

He gave the boys an insight into life with and without the influence of drugs, giving the boys a fresh outlook into changing their lives for the better.

Narconon Cape Town was started after the now Executive Director, Robert van der Feyst, returned from successful rehabilitation at Narconon Denmark. He had spent 10 years struggling with addiction and after reaching a point on the programme where he was finally free from the need to take drugs he wanted to spread what he had discovered – that drugs are not the way to happiness, satisfaction and spiritual advancement and the reasons why they in fact make life worse.

Upon returning to Cape Town and completing study on how to deliver effective drug education from Narconon International, delivery of drug prevention started. Soon afterwards Sam Mogorossi did the programme in the new Narconon centre in Johannesburg and upon completion joined Narconon Cape Town as the other director delivering the programme in Xhosa and Sotho. Since then they have grown to 7 full and part time staff, reached hundreds of thousands of people through live programmes at schools, businesses and other institutions and millions more through television, radio and other media.

Narconon’s purpose is not only to prove WHY drugs are not the way to a better life, but also to provide ways that do.

Rob suggested that the boys watch the movie – The Way to Happiness – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBy2zvF0DB4

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Photo by Travis Nightingale (Media Club)