Durban Youth Council

 Glenwood High School has four boys involved in the current Durban Youth Council, Daniel Verfaillie, Tristin Stewart, Masila Manthuta and Gabriele Ronchese.


The Durban Youth Council is a youth organisation that consists of pupils from 30 different schools. This is a non-profit organisation, which has many committees, such as HIV and Aids, humanities, sports and recreation and feeding schemes. The Youth Council get involved in projects such as helping with beach clean-ups, and at children’s homes, and in general, the uplifting and improving of Durban for the future youth.


Daniel Verfaillie said that he got involved through taking part in community service events. A council member from the previous year noticed Daniel’s hard work and enthusiasm and asked him if he would like be part of the Durban Youth Council. Daniel had to write motivational letters to confirm why he wanted to be part of the Durban Youth Council, he also had to prove his involvement in the many community service projects which he has been involved with in the past.


Daniel says that the next project the council will be involved with is for HIV and Humanities. This project will take the form of a clothes drive and the collected clothes will be given to Children’s homes and less fortunate kids.


To get involved with the Durban Youth Council or to offer donations please log onto or email


Mr Munro is the Teacher in charge of the Durban Youth Council.