Media Centre

A fully-equipped media centre combining a traditional book-based library with state of the art facilities for technology-based experience and learning enhancements.

The conventional school library has been upgraded both physically and technologically to be a modern, relevant and vibrant Media Centre, in order to serve its users in a more efficient and multi-functional manner. Research has shown that the media centre is fundamental to learning at school, and has a direct effect on successful learning at schools. To best serve the school users, the media centre has both the traditional book-based library and state of the art facilities for technology-based experience and learning enhancements.


The library itself has undergone changes. A huge number of obsolete books, both non-fiction and fiction have been removed from circulation and donated to needy centres. This will make space available for newer and more current books. We are expecting our readers to be excited about new best-seller titles that are going to be available.

A new range of magazines will be available to encourage casual reading on a regular basis. A wider variety of magazines will be stocked, so children are current with various topics – from sport, astronomy and science, business and arts. These will be constantly reviewed to ensure that various interests have been catered for.

Sadly, the art of reading – both for pleasure and for knowledge – is not given the necessary priority by children and parents. The benefits of reading are well documented, and we are making a concerted effort to ensure that our children read more. The library is running competitions to generate more interest in reading.

Technology Centre

The Media Centre is designed to encourage collaborative learning and interaction. Specialized rooms with modern equipment have been designed for “brain-storming”. The latest devices will be on display for students to become familiar with their capabilities. 3D printers will amaze students as they watch their creations and projects become real-life objects!

Research material will no longer be sourced from an outdated encyclopaedia, but rather from various sites on the internet, our intranet, online videos and discussion groups. This centre will also gather and make available study content for educators to enhance their lessons. Projects results will be more varied because of the variety of sources, and more fun to work on. The “cut & paste” projects of prior years are gone – in its place projects based on understanding and application of knowledge and ideas – more suited to the modern demanding workspace.

Modern computers will be available for students to use in various sections of the centre. This will cater to students that do not have their own tablet or notebook.

In keeping with international trends, the Media Centre will also offer access to e-books from an international provider. Students can borrow these e-books for use on their tablets and notebooks. This should broaden the access to books, especially to the “tech-crazy” students.