South African sprint sensation, Cassidy Williamson, started her prehab work under the watchful eye of former National and Olympic Sprint coach, Marc Labuschagne at Glenwood High Schools’ High-Performance Gym this week.

Having returned from the 2018 World Cup and Africa Championships, Williamson has now started her 2020 Olympic preparation.

Old boy and current staff member, Labuschagne, says he is excited about

Williamson’s 2018 performances and is confident that she will continue to improve and become a leading international force in track sprinting.

Glenwood High School has produced prolific talent on the athletic track during its long and proud history and continue to engage with professionals in order to extend their service offering, particularly in speed and explosive conditioning.

As a leading boy’s only school, Glenwood has recognised that in the field of high performance, they are not restricted to their school boys only. In fact, due to their on-campus expertise, Glenwood is now positioned to broadened their scope to include elite athletes from various sporting codes, ages and genders.

Glenwood is spearheading this new concept and is working closely with strategic stakeholders. They look forward to, yet again, breaking new ground when it comes to education and elite performance.

Report and photos by Mr Marc Labuschagne