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Glenwood Old Boy Luyanda Gumede reaches for his dream.

Glenwood Old Boy Luyanda Gumede has been given a fantastic opportunity and is looking to Glenwood supporters, old boys and the general public to help him achieve his dreams!
My academic and sporting achievements during my high school career got me enlisted onto a scholarship program, finding academic and sporting scholarships abroad for South African student who had excelled academically and in sports. In August 2016, I wrote my SAT’s where I scored above average which would also improve my opportunities of enlisting in a US University.
I began my studies at the University of Pretoria while I waited for news in terms of scholarships to study abroad. At the end of the second semester, I received offers from 3 prestigious US academic tertiary institutions namely; Moravian College, Grand Valley State University of Pennsylvania as well as Kutztown University also located in Pennslyvania. These scholarships were a result of my academic achievements in matric as well as my SAT results.
The fall semester in the United States only begins in August, however, I have not received full scholarships, as the mentioned US Universities do not provide a full scholarship to first-year international students. This option is only available in the second year. Kutztown University requires me to have $20 000 whereas Moravian College needs $30 000 and Grand Valley State University $52 000. Due to financial constraints, I’ve opted to go to Kutztown University as this is the most affordable as it requires the less amount even with the scholarships provided.
I’m currently completing my second semester at the University of Pretoria as I have not acquired the necessary funding as yet. However, I am appealing to the public and old boys of Glenwood High School and South Africa to help where possible to allow thisgreat opportunity become a reality. I’m grateful to Glenwood High School for all the opportunities in which they’ve provided me with as well as for preparing me for such an opportunity. As an old boy, all one wishes to do is to succeed and fly his school flag high as he remembers those to granted him the opportunity.
Any kind of donations would be really appreciated from flights to the actual tuition itself.