Henley Midmar Yacht Club 9-hour race : Feb 2017

On Saturday, 18 February 2017 the 25th sailing of the Henley Midmar Yacht Club 9-hour race took place. Two crews alternate sailing changing over every two laps. Mr Pet skippered one team of our sailors while the owner of the Holiday 23 class yacht, Escapade, skippered the other team. Included in the crews were old boy Brendan Humphreys and present boys Christoff Schutte, Callum van Rooyen and Keyuren Maharaj as well as a past pupil from New Forest High School and a Grade 11 girl from Gelofte High School. During the 9 hours of sailing in an extremely hot windy day, every one of the crew was giving an opportunity to helm the boat. The boat was eventually placed 17th out of 45 entries.