Interact report.

Interact report.

The Interact Club handed over tins of money to Ms Davies from Feed the Babies Fund yesterday at Assembly. 


Keanan Naidoo presented a speech to the School. Please find a copy of that specch below. In it, he also explained the importance of Mandala Day to our Country.


Have you ever been in a situation where you require help but no-one ever helped you? Have you ever been in the situation where you came across someone who needed help? What you do and how you handle these situations are up to you. Everyday there are people around us that require help and no matter how small it is, the help you offer someone will never go unnoticed or be unappreciated.


Good morning Mr Kershaw, staff and school. Today I have been blessed with the opportunity to speak about a  special day in South African’s calendar…Nelson Mandela day, which is celebrated on the 18th of July every year. I’m sure most of you were able to figure out or at least know why it is called Nelson Mandela Day but I still would like to share some facts with you. Nelson Mandela Day is in honour of Nelson Mandela and the date chosen, would be no better than the birthday of this great man. The day was officially declared by the United Nations in November 2009 and obviously first celebrated officially the year after this. Mandela Day is something that is internationally recognised and is a global call that tries to celebrate the idea that every individual has the power to transform the world and has the ability to make an impact! The idea of this day is to try and reciprocate and show some of the values that our former president showed us through his life, by us volunteering and performing community service acts, as well as helping those in need.


As many know, the number is of utmost importance as this number isn’t just a 67. It is unique as it represent the number of years Nelson Mandela fought for social justice! If you think about it, people on a daily basis can give up one thing in a matter of hours or even minutes…in fact in seconds! But Nelson Mandela fought for 67 years, until he succeeded! So on this day, the idea is that it would be good if people could spend at least 67 minutes to do something for someone.


Before I tell you a bit about what the interact club has done, I would like to leave you with three quotes, the first by Mr Mandela himself…”We must use time wisely and forever realise that the time is ALWAYS ripe to do right!!!”


And the second and third comes from the bible, these are scripture I think of personally which is encouraging and empowering in my life that challenges one, one of them being the old testament, Deuteronomy 15:11 “For there will never cease to be poor in the land. Therefore I command you, ‘You shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and to the poor, in your land.”


The second comes from the new testament, Mathew 5:16 “In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is heaven.”


The interact club has done quite a few projects in the last few months to help those in need, such as raising money for the Jes Foord foundation, The Feed the babies fund (who are here this morning) as well as helping the sunflower fund and Makabongwe preschool. We have raised and are still raising money for these organisations that themselves help others and need money in order to serve the communities that they exist in.


Today the interact president Daniel Verfaillie will be handing over tins that we have tried to fill for the “Feed the babies fund”.


Sandy from feed the babies fund is here today to collect the tins which we hope can assist with feeding some of the many babies that they try to feed each week.


We would like to thank Sandy for giving up her time to come here today. Before Daniel hands over the tins she would like to speak to you for a few minutes about the feed the babies organisation.


Mr G Williams