Jes Foord Foundation benefits from Rugby vs Westville.

Jes Foord Foundation.

This past weekend, Glenwood showed support to the Jes Foord Foundation by raising funds to help this great initiative. On Friday the 29thMay 2015, Jes Foord gave a talk to the Glenwood boys and staff and urged them to support the foundation. This was an opportunity for us as a School community to 'give back' to an organisation that looks after victims of abuse and the boys showed support of this by wearing green laces for the campaign ‘Rugby against Rape’ in association with the Jes Foord Foundation.


Jes formed the Foundation to help restore lives after rape by way of a number of initiatives and activities designed to change rape victims into rape survivors.

The Jes Foord Foundation relies on donations from companies, schools and individuals who have the urge to bring hope to hundreds of people going through the harrowing aftermath of rape. Her vision and mission is to create centers that will assist in reducing the debilitating effect that rape has on the lives of rape survivors and their families. Emotional support will be provided through counseling with the intention of empowering all those affected by rape. As well as educate and raise awareness in the community on issues of rape.


Thanks must go to each and every person who supported the campaign, especially the people visiting Glenwood on Saturday to watch Glenwood play Westville.

Mr G Williams