Letter from a proud Glenwood Old Boy

Sent: 04 April 2018 02:57 PM

Subject: Website Letter from Brendan Conolly


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To Glenwood High School

Today I had the privilege of watching Glenwood High School play Jeppe Boys at your annual rugby festival. what a beautiful example of how the game should be played at a school, that clearly prides itself on contributing to the growth of young respectful men, not just on winning at all costs.

I am proud to call myself a Glenwood Old Boy (Matriculated 1988). While watching the game and walking around the fields, I was greeted by each and every Glenwood School Boy, I passed. Even the players, who were clearly exhausted from the game of rugby, made an effort to stand and greet me, as I walked past. Please note I was not wearing anything, that identified me as a Glenwood supporter, and neither am I vocal on the sidelines. As the morning progressed, two things became glaringly apparent. 1. – Only the Glenwood boys were constantly greeting and acknowledging the spectators and other players. I cannot say the same about any of the other school representatives. 2. – The games were being played by Glenwood in a disciplined, but uncompromising manner, despite it not necessarily being the same attitude in the opposing teams.

The old adage “Manners maketh the man” is still very true in today’s modern world. It also brings well earned respect and loyalty.

Well done to the school as a whole. To the teachers, coaches and support staff who obviously work very hard to provide such a healthy environment. To the young men for being leaders, by example.

Cudos to Glenwood

Brendan Conolly