Message from the Principal

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Regarding Weather Conditions:

The Department of Education has granted permission for schools to send learners who are NOT writing examinations today, 14 November, home if weather conditions worsen. However, we are currently writing examinations and cannot compromise the validity of our assessment programme. We have therefore decided to make the following concession for Friday:

Gr 8, 9 boys to stay at home. Therefore the papers scheduled for tomorrow will be written as follows:

Grade 8 Monday Session 1: GEOG and Session 2: NS Paper 2

Grade 9 Monday Session 1: ENGHL P4 and Session 2: HIST

Grade 9 Tuesday Session 1: MATHS and Session 2: GEOG

However, Gr 10 and 11 examinations must continue tomorrow as these as national papers.

Parents are urged to make every effort to ensure that gr 10 and 11 boys turn up for their papers tomorrow if weather permits.

We thank you for your cooperation in this regard.

Kind Regards
Dr Andri Barnes
Glenwood High School
Tel: 031-2055241