Dramatic Arts

Dramatic Arts will be offered as an optional subject with ONE of the following subjects: Visual Arts, Geography or History all of which are complemented by Dramatic Arts. This course will only be offered if a minimum of 20 boys opts for this subject. Dramatic Arts will also be offered as an option to Physical Science (25 maximum).

Dramatic Arts is a subject with a theoretical and a practical component. The theory focuses on the study of drama practitioners, analysis of play texts and the history and development of drama worldwide. Practical work includes basic voice and body training as well as performance across the broad spectrum – monologues, duologues, scenes and group projects.

Dramatic Arts provides specific training for anyone wishing to pursue a career as a performer or as a critic. Alongside this, Dramatic Arts helps to build self-confidence, people skills and essay writing technique. Dramatic Arts will aid boys considering a career in Public Relations, Law, Politics, Human Resources, Counselling, Advertising, Teaching, Social Work or The Clergy, as well as any career that is people-centred.