Service clubs

The Headmaster, Mr J.B. Colam wrote in “The 1953 Record – ” For many years this School was unique in the courses it offered. Many regretted the changes that swept the uniqueness largely away, but they were inevitable…I feel very strongly that no boy should leave this School without having made sufficient acquaintances with music, art or drama to enable him to find out how much enjoyment one or other of these may prove to hold for him in later life. Life is not all work, and we must learn to use our leisure time wisely and profitably. Hence, I hope it may be possible to offer more opportunities in these directions, as well as in lesser ones that can be catered for out of school hours by various clubs and societies.”

“Glenwood is, despite its size, not an impersonal school but a truly human school where boys can grow in all fields of human endeavour and become themselves.” – these words of Murray Wesson (Head Prefect 1994) ring especially true when you take a look at the cultural activities in which the boys have been involved over the past 100 years.

Participation in co-curricular clubs and activities is strongly encouraged for each boy at Glenwood High School. To make as many opportunities available as possible, a wide variety of groups currently exist.