Glenwood can be proud of producing a wide variety of sporting codes, one of which is the highly skilful and tactical game of Basketball. This action-packed game provides players with many excellent sporting qualities and skills.

The talent that is shown year in and year out in Basketball creates more excitement. Glenwood’s Basketball regularly has players that make representative regional.

Basketball is a minor sport at Glenwood and consists of four teams. At present we have U14A; U15A; U16A and the First Team. Already it is evident that more teams need to be incorporated into this sphere so as to accommodate the growing demand for such an incredible sport.

Basketball is played at a very intense and fast pace and it requires extreme hand-eye coordination, a great level of fitness and loads of skill. There are various other sporting codes that include Basketball as an integral part of their pre-season preparations, which proves that this sport offers far more than mere entertainment. It verges on being a necessity for the fulfilment of a young mans’ life!