MIC of eSports

Mrs Charmaine Drury


Time of Fixtures

All Year

We compete as a part of the High School eSports League (HSEL) along with over 30 schools from around the country.

Game titles change from year to year with interest from schools, currently we compete in the following titles:

DOTA2, League of Legends and Rocket League (with no age restrictions) as well as Counterstrike Global Offensive with the possibility of adding a Rainbow 6 Siege team this year (age restriction of turning 16 or older in the year of playing).

Students use their own computers/ laptop to participate from home and play together online. We have tryouts, and mid-season tryouts from home, practices are from home and matches are also played from home.

Practices are scheduled for after 5pm on 1 day a week so as to not clash with other codes, and are typically 1-2 hours long. The teams will discuss and decide practice times to suit the majority if not all players allowing everyone to be available for practice.

As a part of the HSEL we have an annual year long tournament, beginning with group stages and moving to finals in the typical fashion. Typically teams are set at 5 players with 2 reserves with the exception of Rocket League which is 3 players with 1 reserve. Boys who tryout but are unsuccessful are still invited to stay on the WhatsApp and Discord channels and participate in practice.