Director of Rugby

Mr Derek Heiberg

Time of Fixtures

2nd and 3rd term

Winter Sport

Rugby at Glenwood is a major sporting code. It is a sport that instils values such as integrity, sportsmanship, loyalty, discipline and hard work. Glenwood’s policy of participation in extramural activities, as well as the passion shown by the boys, enables almost five hundred youngsters the opportunity of experiencing the ultimate team sport.

Glenwood fields 24 teams on a regular basis. This allows boys from all levels and ability to be part of this wonderful game. The sports department endeavours to provide games for all teams, this has allowed Glenwood to embark on tours out the province to play fixtures against some major rugby playing schools in South Africa such as Affies from Pretoria and Grey College from Bloemfontein.

The player base at other schools is diminishing at an alarming rate. Schools, educators and parents owe it to their children to provide them with an environment that will foster a healthy lifestyle and the opportunity to experience a real childhood. Perhaps instead of instilling a win at all cost attitude, we should rather emphasize the enjoyment and life skills learned from playing rugby. At Glenwood we encourage full participation respective of ability; we see the U14F Team as importantly as the 1st XV.

Glenwood Rugby speaks for itself, with a number of Provincial and International representatives all around the globe.