Soccer Academy

The Glenwood high school soccer academy runs 3 times a week (Tues, Thurs, and Fri), 7.00 – 8.30am, January to December. Any boy interested in soccer can join, no matter what their ability is.

We concentrate more on basic control, passing, movement on and off the ball, positional awareness on and off the ball combined this all in 4 v 4 & 7v7 games to teach the positional awareness under pressure. We play a lot of two touch and one touch football, as well as fun group games to enhance thinking and basic control. Repetition has been a key to the progress of majority of the boys. It is imperative that the boys try making as many sessions as possible if they want to improve. They get tested twice a year for fitness, strength and skills.
Some of the boys who attended could not even kick a ball properly when they first came to the academy, but after attending nearly every session can kick, pass and shoot with both feet.

The Glenwood academy is about developing football players and helping them achieve and be the best that they can.