Squash players are formidable. They can possess a still quiet confidence as well as an explosive mix of energy and tenacity as they fight for every point on the court. You have to be conditioned to hundreds of short sharp surges of speed from corner to corner in the process giving your opponent no quarter to rest.

Placing the ball strategically, like any aspiring grandmaster in chess as he moves his pieces to claim victory. The only difference is squash is a game of human thought put into movement of the body around a court instead of pieces on a chess board. With this said, any young Glenwood boy that would discipline himself to the training needed with the expertise on hand from the coaches in the academy and after school, he would grow as a squash player and be more than capable to take on the best players out there.

During the First Term, the top 6 players from the school travel to Bloemfontein annually to compete in the St Andrews FNB Squash Festival where a large number of the top boys’ squash teams come to compete. It is an event that allows boys to measure themselves against the best in the country and gives them a glimpse into the level at which the competition will be if they wish to claim a spot on the South African Schools Squash Team. On their return from the Festival the top eight boys take part in a Super 8 Squash Tournament that incorporates schools such as Kearsney; Michaelhouse; Hilton College; Pietermaritzburg College; Westville Boys High; Durban High School; St Charles and even Epworth who are the top girls’ school in KwaZulu Natal if not the country. In the second term, the Inter-Schools Squash League begins and smaller teams of four boys compete in the A, B and C division of the League.

This League gives a larger number of boys an opportunity to play and meet outside opposition from schools such as Westville Boys High; Durban High School; Kearsney; Clifton and Northwood. During the course of the year, Glenwood also competes against varies touring teams as well as also going on tours of which Grey College in Bloemfontein is a favourite and one which creates an opportunity for the greatest amount of boys to compete on one specific day. Glenwood also has an Inter-House competition that pits Blanksbys; Earlys; Gibson; Kennedys and McCabes against each other and gives the boys the chance to gain glory for their respective Houses.