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Mr Clyde Blamey


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As expected from a coastal school, a fair percentage of Old Boys, have earned Springbok colours in water-related sports.

The beginning of 1986 was the historic awakening of Glenwood ’s interest in the official inter-school surfing competition. School surfing came into its won in 1987 with the formation of the Natal Schools’ Surfing Association. At Glenwood the formation of a Surfing Club enabled the sport to be enjoyed by more than just team surfers. Glenwood has made a significant contribution to the growth and fame of South African surfing down the years, producing numerous SA Champions, two Isa World Surfing Champions in Travis Logie and Jordy Smith and numerous National representatives.

The Glenwood surfing teams over the years have performed exceptionally well winning the schools championships over the years. We are proud and want to maintain a healthy, competitive level of surfing in years to come. The Glenwood 1st and 2nd surfing teams participate in the Kwazulu-Natal Schools Surfing Championships. The competition is run in a tag team format. Five surfers compete and score 2 waves each. The scores for each of the waves are then used. This takes place at North Beach Durban.