Glenwood has a well-organised, fully integrated and wide-ranging Tennis programme. Under the care and guidance of professional tennis coach, Mr Gary Comins, a full-time member of staff, all levels of the game can be catered for. Mr Comins is a Tennis South Africa registered Tennis Coach as well as being certified by English Lawn Tennis Association. He, until recently, spent over 10 years in England as a fulltime Tennis coach.

At the top end of the Tennis Academy programme, first and second team players are part of a daily regimen which is holistic in its approach to the game. Apart from court craft and stroke training, there is a well-structured gym programme focussing on core strength and endurance as well as the emphasis on speed, agility and quickness. Mental aspects of winning players are constantly revised.

The Academy makes use of the extensive rehabilitation facilities available at Glenwood such as the on-site physiotherapist, biokinethicist and chiropractor. Use of the ice bath has proved to be beneficial.

As proof of his curriculum, we can proudly boast of being the top Tennis school in KZN. As happens every year Glenwood players are represented extensively in the recently selected KZN Schools’ sides. Two of our players are in the U19 A side, one in the U19 B side and two more in the U16 A side. In the July holidays, the South African Schools’ sides will be selected at the Interprovincial Schools’ Tournament and we have no doubt that all five of these players will be part of the various teams.

There is also an extensive opportunity for those players who are not competing at the highest levels. Glenwood can field four Tennis teams and there is also a large contingent of players who cannot make these teams on ability but still attend weekly practices to enjoy the game and also be developed by the coach. Thus all players of all abilities are benefitting from professional help.