On Wednesday 7 November 2018 the Glenwood Annual Sports and Cultural Awards’ Assembly took place.
The Special Guest was old boy, Khuthuzani Kingdom Mchunu.

Khuta is a South African rugby union player for the Sharks in Super Rugby and in the Currie Cup and the Sharks XV in the Rugby Challenge. His regular position is prop.

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Below is Mr Mchunu’s speech.

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 Hungry and Opportunistic

Firstly, I would like to send my humble greetings to the educators, support staff and coaches who not only play a pivotal role in these young men seated before me, but also in shaping the direction that our nation is headed.  Even more importantly, however, I want to say OGA to the band of brothers in green gathered here today, for, without you gentlemen, this school is just a collage of stone and concrete, and these fields merely patches of grass.

I believe a few weeks ago we had the fallen soldiers of WWI and WWII’s memorial, and I am told as per normal Mr Jordan shared a few tears, I mean words. There is an invaluable lesson that can be learned from soldiers, and that’s their pride, the pride they have in their uniform and how proud they are to be afforded the honour of dying for their country. It is that very same pride that I implore you, gentlemen, to have about where it is you come from, for it is your background that shapes you, it is where you draw strength, the tougher the background the greater the strength you draw.

I’d like to share with you a small part of where I come from. There were fourteen of us in the house, my mom was a single parent and we moved around a lot, due to my mother’s inability to afford the places we were living in, every time we moved the place got less and less decent until I remember we moved to a house with no electricity or running water. I remember coming home one night and the house is in absolute darkness and that night I cried myself to bed. That was the day I vowed that no matter what I did in life I will give my kids a better start to life and at the very least a house with electricity and running water. For a long time, I was ashamed of where I came from, but looking back now I couldn’t be any prouder, I am proud that through the hardships I made it out of the scums.

Many of you seated here are entitled, convincing yourselves that you are deserving of more than what is given and when your expectations are not met, you feel cheated and enraged at the very same people whose existence in your life are to give you the best tools for your future. Life gentlemen owes you nothing, your parents brought you into this world and that is all they had to do. Many of you seated here are on bursaries and that on its own is a priceless opportunity, more than enough. Yet you continue to want more. Since the day I cried in the dark I vowed that whatever opportunity I got I would exploit it as much as I could. That’s the mentality I encourage you to adopt, you are owed nothing, use all that you may get.

To be honest, I never saw myself coming back here as a guest of honour, I always there were way too many talented individuals in my grade that the school would much rather have than me. As life would have it however it’s not always the talent that gets you somewhere, it is, in my humble opinion the combination of opportunity and hard work. For a man can apply himself as much as he can, he can put in the hours and hours of work required but without the opportunity to show what he has been working on, his work will go unnoticed, unseen and uncultivated therefore dying with him having never reached its potential.

That’s what this school represented for me, it embodied possibilities, it personified hope, the hope I had of providing for my family and taking them out of the dirt while chasing my dream of being the best tightwad prop in the world. You see I was desperate, desperate to ensure that my life story would read differently from so many of the people I grew around, that at the very least it would say I tried. I am by no means anywhere near where I want to be, but I am trying, every day bit by bit, I am trying to get there.

That’s the key, to take ownership, to take extreme ownership of your dreams and desires. Do not leave your dreams to chance, don’t depend on your teaches or your coaches and even your parents to do it for you, take your dreams into your own hands and chase them with everything you’ve got.

Do not ask for more than what is given, appreciate all you get. Life is best lived when you begin to live it, laugh love and enjoy. Live in the moment, use now rather than later, use today rather than tomorrow.

Before I finish, I would like to take this fortuitous moment to thank Glenwood for affording me an opportunity to better my life, and I can guarantee you that’s all I ever needed.

Thank you for having me.