WORK EXPERIENCE PROGRAMME: 29 November to 2 December 2016

WORK EXPERIENCE PROGRAMME: 29 November to 2 December 2016

Our Work Experience Programme has been running for the past sixteen years.  The feedback that we receive from pupils and employers is always most pleasing and we look forward to another successful programme this year.

This type of exercise offers pupils the opportunity of experiencing the working world with its responsibilities and joys.  It is also expected to be a job-hunting experience, as pupils, assisted by their parents, will be responsible for placing themselves with organisations.  Most pupils have indicated their confidence in being able to secure their own placements, and the School may be able to assist those who have problems by appealing to Old Boys and other parents.

Pupils will have to submit placement details to their LO teachers by 11 November 2016.  At the conclusion of the exercise, employers will be asked to submit reports which pupils will return to the School together with their own personal reports; through their personal reports pupils will be able to share their experiences with other pupils.  Obviously, we also expect pupils to write letters of thanks to their employers.  All this information will be included in their portfolios for assessment in 2017.

Parents are asked to accept responsibility, firstly, for ensuring that their sons find suitable placements, and also for ensuring that their sons conduct this exercise in the right spirit.  This will not be an opportunity to just be off school, but rather a means of gaining a meaningful life experience.  All pupils must participate in the exercise.

Pupils will be expected to be at work every day, and adhere to the hours of work and rules of the host organisation.  Absence from work must be for genuine reasons, and both the organisation and School must be informed immediately.  It should also be noted that no payment can be expected, as employers will be doing the pupils a favour by hosting them.

Your co-operation is vital for this exercise to succeed, and we ask you to encourage your sons to make every effort to find suitable placement.  Any queries should be directed to Mr van Reenen:

Letters attached below.

2016 Work Experience Form V

2016 Work Experience Form IV