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Sport forms an integral part of Glenwood’s holistic approach to education. Alongside academics, culture and environmental awareness, sport aids in the moulding of boys into fine young gentlemen. Sport is not about the elite athlete but mass participation as well. Glenwood has high levels of provincial and national representation by our boys.

Sports Offered

Sporting Houses

The original four School Houses were introduced shortly before the end of WW1. It was felt that a system of School Houses should be introduced to increase participation and to grow school spirit. The names selected for these Houses were, and remain to this day, a tribute to four of the School’s Old Boys who gave their lives during the Great War of 1914 – 1918.

Head of Sporting House


The Academy of Excellence is an exciting initiative at Glenwood High School and has been running successfully for the past 16 years.

Glenwood offers Academies for the following codes:

Aquatics: Scott Mantle – mantle@glenwoodhighschool.co.za

Cricket: Brandon Scullard – scullard@glenwoodhighschool.co.za

Hockey: Jonty Robinson – Robinson.j@glenwoodhighschool.co.za

Rugby: Derek Heiberg – heiberg@glenwoodhighschool.co.za

Boys are able to enrol for two different codes throughout the year.

Structure of the Academies:

Mass ParticipationA & B Team PlayersDirectors Discretion
Tuesday & ThursdayTuesday, Wednesday, ThursdayMonday to Friday
Start 07h00 Finish 08h15Start 07h00 Finish 08h15Times from Sport Directors
Fundamental skillsFundamental skills + position specificFundamental skills, position-specific x 2, mental sessions.
R4000.00 per yearR6000.00 per yearR8000.00 per year
  • Other payment options are available.

Contact the following people regarding privatised academies: 

Golf & Squash: Hendrik Vermeulen – vermeulen@glenwoodhighschool.co.za

Tennis: Wayne Arde – waynearde@gmail.com

Amazulu Soccer: Khaya Gwala – khayagwala@yahoo.com

Sport Academies Offered

Cricket Academy

Golf Academy

Hockey Academy

Rugby Academy

Soccer Academy

Tennis Academy

Water Polo Academy