When you walk across the fields of Glenwood on a summer’s afternoon it’s easy to see why cricket is the main summer sport at the School. With over thirty cricket teams, cricket at Glenwood keeps going from strength to strength.

Glenwood has produced a number of International and provincial representatives:

David Thomas Drew – Test Umpire

  • Stood in 3 Test matches between 1950 and 1954

Robert James ‘Bob’ Williams

  • Natal: 1930/31 – 1950/51

Lawrence Anderson ‘Fish’ Markham

  • SA Schools: 1941
  • Natal: 1946/47 – 1950/51
  • South Africa: 1949

John Cecil Watkins

  • Natal: 1946/47 – 1957/58
  • South Africa: 1949 – 1957

Kenneth Neil Hoskin

  • SA Universities: 1971-1977

Keith Mervyn Hosken

  • SA Universities: 1972-1973

Trevor Madsen

  • Natal: 1976/77 – 1991/92

Steven Jack

  • Transvaal: 1989/90 – 1995/96
  • South Africa: 1994 – 1995

Cody Chetty

  • Natal & Dolphins: 2009 – 2016

Jade Winston Dernbach

  • England: 2011 – present

Colin Munro

  • New Zealand:   2012 – present

Mthokozisi Shezi

  • Natal & Dolphins: 2006 – present
  • Proteas: 2013

Brandon Scullard

  • Natal & Dolphins: 2011 – 2017

Andile Phehlukwayo

  • Natal & Dolphins: 2014 – present
  • Proteas: 2016 – present

Smangaliso Nhlebela

  • Natal & Dolphins: 2014 – present

Okuhle Cele

  • Natal & Dolphins: 2014 – present

Thamsanqa Kumalo

  • SA under 19: 2018

List of players representing KZN Schools:

J. Barnard, C. Bromham, K. Hedley, A. MacLean, A Garnham, E. Askham, D. Woods, A. Butler, R. Gay, D. Gold, L. Lindsay, D. Michie, R. Thorp, M. Lang, J. Laxson, L. Markham, J. Watkins, R. Markham, E. Alexander, E. Lang, T. Bowman, D. Wright, B. Armitage, A. Bowman, M. Smith, G. Nelson, G. Morby-Smith, N. Butler, M. Graham, R. Burnill, R. Williamson, B. Walkerley, J. Bense, B. Burnill, R. Morris, R. Booth, I. Cullis, M. Madsen, H. Nel, R. Wilson, K. Hosken, B. Humphrey, M. Deetlifs, J. Goosen, A. Michell, I. Simpson, A. Logan, N. Roberts, G. Bowman, T. Madsen, B. Plummer, G. Bird, K. Harvey, G. Anderson, W. Fenner, C. Howell, M. Salton, C. Grant-Smith, D. Williams, D. Turner, G. Madsen, G. Nicol, B. Zibane, R. de Vry, L. Zondi, E. du Plessis, C. du Plessis, W. Hauptfleisch, B. Martin, B. Munro, M. Nteta, N. Motheeram, C. Munro, S. Viera, C. Hauptfleisch, M. Shezi, C. Woods, S. Hay, D. Govender, C. Sewell, C. Woods, C. Chetty, R. Mazzaro, K. Chetty, A. Moosa, K.E. Mkhize, B. Scullard, S. Ramdin, S. Bissoon, Y. Kewelpersadh, K. Pearce, S. Sunkari, M. Ramsaroop, P. Subrayen, Y. Moonsamy, D.M. Browne, JD. Frost, S. Mthimkulu, G. Venter, S. Nhlebela, N. Madwe, R. Wissing, A. Phehlukwayo , T. Varatharajalu, G. Wissing, O. Cele, M. Hay, M. Naidoo, J. Bossr, N. Mfosa, J. Grobbelaar, L. Hlongwane, M. Kirkham, J. Wagenaar, S. Zungu, J. Veeran, N. Gumede, T. Kumalo, S. Naidoo, M. Ndaba, F. Naidoo, B. Ngcobo, A. Pillay, S. Mnqayi, L. Ntanzi, N. Prem, D. Fynn.

List of players representing KZN and Dolphins:

M. Shezi, C. Chetty, B. Scullard, P. Subrayen, S. Nhlebela, A. Phehlukwayo, O. Cele, J. Veeran.

List of players representing SA Schools:

M. Lang, J. Watkin, L. Markha, R. Williamson, M. Madsen, N. Roberts, T. Madsen, B. Zibane, L. Zondi, W. Hauptfleisch, M Shezi, P. Subrayen, A. Phehlukwayo, O. Cele, J. Veeran (Colts), N. Gumede (Colts).

List of players representing SA U19:

L. Zondi, M. Shezi, A. Phehlukwayo, T. Kumalo.

List of National Players:

M. Shezi, A. Phehlukwayo.

Cricket is played during the first and fourth term. The boys play at least seven fixtures against all the top schools KZN can offer per term. Every team is coached by an individual coach and practices take place during the week. The emphasis during practices is not just focussed on the experienced players but also on the beginners to develop them to their full potential.

At Glenwood, we pride ourselves on playing cricket in the right manner by playing hard but also respecting the game, umpires, and opponents.